10 craziest things you can buy online


In the era of offline stores, people generally bought to meet their needs. Online e-commerce websites have changed the rules of the game as people now buy for fun, to experiment and try something new. If they have time, users can browse hundreds of products daily. If you’re looking for a new experience, here’s a list of some of the craziest things you can buy online.

Shower footrest – Do you have trouble reaching your legs while bathing or shaving? A shower footrest can be practical, as it can be installed on the wall like a tray. It is compact in size, just enough space for your feet to rest properly.

Butt wipes – Unlike standard tissue paper which is known to cause minor cuts and bruises, butt wipes are very delicate and smooth. They usually contain aloe vera for added comfort. These can be used safely by both adults and children. A great utility when traveling, hiking, camping, etc.

voice changer – Want to have fun with family and friends? A voice changer can be a great way to kill boredom and pull off some fun pranks. You can change your voice in many ways which makes this device much more interesting.

Temporary pockets – Many times we face a situation where our clothes may not have a pocket. Temporary pockets can come to the rescue as they can be installed instantly simply by sticking them to any of your clothing items such as pants, shirts, jackets, etc.

spray blood – For Halloween and any of your other wacky plans, spray blood can bring your creativity to life. It looks like real blood and is easy to remove afterwards.

live insects – There are many species of insects that you can buy online. Be sure to use these living creatures carefully and not harm them in any way.

Bird droppings remover – This has happened to all of us at some point in our lives. Birdfall falling from the sky and landing on our clothes. Bird poop remover can be helpful, as it does the cleaning job without any hassle. It also reduces bad smells, if any.

pet coffin – Saying goodbye to our beloved pets can be quite difficult. To express your love and affection, premium pet caskets can work great. These come with a luxurious satin mattress, a laced cover and a comfortable pillow.

pet urine detector – Worried about all the unfamiliar places on the mat and elsewhere where your pet may have peed? A UV urine detector torch can take care of all your hygiene worries. This torch shines salts from dried urine, making it easier for you to identify and clean the affected area.

toilet night light – Aiming in the dark can be a big problem. And turning on the light is not an option, as it may disturb your sleep. The toilet nightlight can help, as it only illuminates the toilet area. These turn on and off automatically based on motion sensors and are available in multiple color options.


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