A pet owner has shared her thoughts on the call to ban French bulldogs


A French Bulldog owner has spoken out on the proposal to ban the popular breed.

Vanessa Ayliffe, who sells one of her French bulldogs, says it’s unfair to ban dogs altogether.

Miss Ayliffe said: “I think they’re getting a bit too high, a lot of breeds are getting quite too high. It’s a good idea to raise them properly, but I wouldn’t ban them altogether.”

The pet owner said overproduction means French bulldogs have flatter noses, which can lead to health issues.

A Blue Cross campaign has been launched to try to ban “poor breeding of flat-faced dogs”.

Miss Ayliffe, who lives in Evesham, has owned a pet for three years and said: “It’s about making sure they’re healthy because you hear all the horror stories.

“I don’t want to sell something that the new owners can continue to elevate.

“We want to sell complete pets.

“We have kids, so a family environment is what the dogs are used to.”

Miss Ayliffe believes Kennel Club (KC) registered dogs are more likely to be sold for breeding.

She said: “We sell without papers and some people don’t want to know.”

Miss Ayliffe has sold other dogs on Gum Tree for £845 and she says some people are more interested in female dogs.

Vanessa Ayliffe is selling her French Bulldog on Gum Tree for £850

She said, “You know what, if that’s what you’re interested in, then our dogs aren’t for you.

“Ours don’t come with papers and we hope they don’t become a duplicating machine.”

Miss Ayliffe insists on background checks on potential buyers to ensure the dogs are going to a safe and healthy environment.

“We turned people away, we’re not breeders, we’re animal owners.

“But if they go to a good house, we would still reduce the price.”

The Worcester News has contacted the Dogs Trust for comment.


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