Angel & Anchor’s identity for a Bristol coffee brand is a triple threat


We’re big fans of the Belfast Angel & Anchor branding studio; Last March, we reported on their VHS-inspired identity for the specialty coffee roasting process. So we were excited to see what they would come up with for their latest project.

Triple Co. is a Bristol-based specialty coffee roaster that was launched in 2016. Recently the company asked Angel & Anchor to go to the drawing board and come up with a new brand image that would represent a significant change of personality.

The brief

Back then, Triple Co. founder Jo Thompson got his start in specialty coffee, taking inspiration from Copenhagen’s lab-style brewing. Ultimately, he ended up in Florida with King State Coffee, connecting to a more personal and dynamic approach to the coffee industry.

Triple Co. evolved through Jo’s mixed influences and experiences. But its original brand image was not up to par. Basically, it was a collection of unrelated design elements.

The approach

“Triple Co’s existing brand was, at its core, a reflection of the minimalist brewing style that sparked the start of roasting,” says Ben Connolly, founder of Angel & Anchor.

“The brand elements were a mix of clean lines, a sans serif logo, a monotone color palette, grainy illustrations and hand drawn lettering. As a collection of mismatched elements, their personality seemed compromised rather than unified.”

In short, after six years in the industry, Triple Co’s passion and experiences had evolved. More charismatic and confident than their youngsters, they overcame their brand image and sought a coherent identity that was true to themselves. With a secure new sense of identity, they wanted the new branding to reflect their history and values ​​holistically.

“Triple Co. is a perfect example of professionalism and personality coexisting,” notes Ben. “They are dedicated repairers of espresso machines, classic cars, and greasy machines in between. Their dedication to excellence hasn’t dampened their gutsy attitude. This adventurous, down-to-earth group doesn’t not afraid to get your hands dirty making waves in Bristol and beyond.”

design elements

The hand drawn serif logotype is beautifully original. As Ben explains, “It’s grounded, human, and complements the many other elements of the brand. An extended lock type collection allows for an engaging yet cohesive brand expression so that the logo best suits its location. A Secondary custom monogram logo features a spiral connecting its letters, reflecting the sense of movement in coffee making throughout the brand.”

Angel & Anchor paired it with a secondary title type: Santa Ana by Hoodzpah Design. “The primary use of italics extends the theme of movement across the brand,” Ben explains. “Its typeface resembles retro garage signage and American car advertisements. This typeface plays a prominent role, conveying much of the brand’s personality in packaging, website design and accompanying printed materials.”

The base logo is inspired by the three arms of a roasting machine, as well as Triple Co’s three core values. water flow and heat energy in roasting and brewing,” Ben explains.

The brand colors further characterize Triple Co’s philosophy and personality. “A leafy green represents the source of the coffee tree and blue reflects the water to brew the coffee. Black adds contrast to the palette and reflects the fat the grain of the hands-on approach to espresso machine and car maintenance.”

The main motif of the packaging is influenced by oil spills and flowing movements and gives the brand a playful and dynamic character. Packaging labels feature an ironic twist through photography, interpreting the abstract flavor notes of each roast through the food, object, animal or quirky scene. The cafe details on the labels make unconventional use of type to frame the photo, lightly guiding the reader’s eye around the image.

In the posts, taglines like “Keep It Funky” and “Cool Kids Drink Triple Co.” combine the core values ​​of the brand, its courageous personality and its visuals. The sender’s packaging includes other lines that embody a laid-back, friendly tone, such as “Get Your Sip On”.

It all adds up to a relaxed gritty feel, reflecting the brand’s down-to-earth values, energy and personal, adventurous approach to the coffee industry.


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