Animal shelter rescues 65 dogs from owner in Georgia


An animal shelter in Atlanta, Georgia recently rescued more than 60 dogs from property owned by a pet owner who was unable to properly care for all of the animals.

the Atlanta Humane Society (AHS) worked with Hancock Animal Friends and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) to seize the sixty-five dogs from the owners of the Georgia property and relocate them to a home more equipped to properly care for them.

Source: 11Alive/Youtube

Although there was not much information provided about the former owner of the sixty-five dogs, the AHS describes the situation as “Overwhelmed pet owner.”

According to AHSTwenty-nine dogs and puppies will be in their care, with many requiring medical and behavioral support.

The shelter has shared heartbreaking photos of the abused dogs taken from their old property into cages and into their new temporary home. One dog even appeared to have a skin wound on his face.

In Georgia, animal neglect is classified as animal cruelty if the owner of a pet does not provide “adequate food, water, sanitary conditions or ventilation that correspond to what a reasonable person of ordinary knowledge would consider to be the normal needs and feeding habits for size, species, species, breed, age, and body condition.

If a pet owner is found guilty of animal cruelty, it will be classified as a misdemeanor for the first offense and could ultimately result in up to a year in jail and a fine of up to $1,000.

Despite the frightening situation these poor animals endured, this miraculous rescue story had a happy ending and showed the importance of supporting rescues like the Atlanta Humane Society.

You may consider donating to AHS here. Your donation will save the lives of homeless dogs and cats, helping the Atlanta Humane Society improve animal welfare in the Southeastern United States by providing quality animal services, including prevention initiatives , education, advocacy and adoption of animals into permanent loving homes.

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