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UPDATE at 8:11 a.m. from 12:58 a.m. exclusively with statement from Gavin Polone: Anna Faris has claimed the late director Ivan Reitman touched her inappropriately on the set of their 2006 romantic comedy My awesome ex girlfriend.

Speaking on his podcast Without reservationthe actress revealed that Reitman “slapped me” during production and on the first day “screamed” at her, leaving her “angry, hurt and humiliated.”

In a candid chat with actress and filmmaker Lena Dunham, Faris said: “One of my toughest film experiences was with Ivan Reitman. I mean, the idea of ​​trying to make a comedy under this reign of terror, he was a screamer, he knocked someone down every day… and my first day was me.

During an in-depth chat with Dunham about different on-set behaviors, Faris said she had to fight back tears during her turbulent first interaction with Reitman, who died in February after being late due to an accident.

In response to Faris’ claim that Reitman slapped her, Dunham said, “I don’t think you’re the first person to report this. And I’m so sorry that you had this experience. And nobody stepped in and said, “No?”

“No. It was like 2006,” Faris replies.

Calm your enthusiasm executive Gavin Polone, one of the producers of My awesome ex girlfriendtold Deadline this morning: “I have never seen this incident, nor heard of it, but I would have no reason to dispute Anna’s account either. If Anna says it happened, I believe. If this had happened in front of me, I would definitely have confronted Ivan about it. I’m sad to think that Anna was belittled in this way.

Faris has described the incident in the past, but did not reveal the name of the director before. In 2017, at the start of the #MeToo movement, the actress said of the experience, “I was doing a scene where I was on a ladder and I was supposed to pick up books from a shelf and he slapped the— in front of the crew so hard. And all I could do was laugh.

Faris said she didn’t know how to react, so she turned to humor as a defense mechanism.

“I remember looking around and I remember seeing the crew members being like, ‘Wait, what are you going to do about this? It seemed weird. And that’s how I rejected him. I was like, ‘Well, that’s not a thing. Like what, it’s not that serious. Don’t worry Faris. Like, just laugh. But it made me feel small. He wouldn’t have done that to the main male.

At the same time, the actress also claimed that the filmmaker told his agent that she was hired because of her “great legs.”

“I remember the same director telling my agent, who told me, that I had great legs and that was one of the reasons I got hired,” Faris revealed. “And listen, that’s a great compliment. I love my legs. But it kind of informed my whole experience with this whole project. I don’t think the male lead was hired because he had nice legs. Therefore, I felt like I was hired because of those things — not because of [talent].”

Reitman is best known for achieving successes such as the first two ghost hunters movies, Twins, kindergarten cop and Junior. He has produced films including animal house, space jam and Private parts. The Canadian director of Czech origin died this year at the age of 75.


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