Anti-Anxiety Earmuff Spray harnesses pet owner’s scent to solve dog’s anxiety.


The scent triggers happiness in a dog’s brain, ultimately helping to soothe and reduce anxiety caused by stressful events.

Animal Science Labs, the makers of K9 Comfort Spray, has released its latest formulation – Earmuffs Anti-Anxiety Spray – which contains a dog owner’s scent molecules to provide pets with a feeling of calm and comfort when is used before stressful events.

“Anyone who has experienced their dogs with noise anxiety knows how helpless they feel,” Leslie Yellin, co-founder of Animal Science Labs, said in a company statement.1 “Witnessing the transformation of people’s dogs while using this product is life changing not only for dogs, but for their humans as well.”

Anti-Anxiety Earmuff Spray can help dogs that suffer from loud noises such as:

  • Thunderstorms
  • Noisy vehicles (e.g. airplanes)
  • crying babies
  • Alarms/sirens
  • vacuum cleaners

Emory University Research revealed that the scent of a dog owner is scientifically proven to trigger happiness in a dog’s brain.2 MRIs confirmed that compared to any other scent, owner scent promoted the most positive emotions for dogs, even when the owner was not present. Therefore, when a dog inhales the earmuff anti-anxiety spray, it relaxes the dog.

Anti-Anxiety Earmuff Spray is 100% natural and includes essential oils known for their calming properties such as Lavender, Spike, Neroli and Human Molecular Extraction (HME), a highly concentrated extract of olfactory molecules of the dog’s owner. HME has no perceptible odor to humans. This combination relaxes dogs while decreasing noise-induced anxiety.1

To get the personalized scent, pet owners receive a collection kit in the mail, rub several cotton balls around their body, and send it back for processing. Pet owners spray the product on their dog’s favorite blanket, bed, toy or bandana before they are exposed to loud noises or changes in their environment.

The anti-anxiety earmuff spray, as well as the full line of calming products, are available at and Amazon.

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