Are Jack Russell owners the friendliest? And which pet owner is most likely to follow the rules?


We’ve all heard jokes about the resemblance between dog owners and their dogs, but the similarities might go deeper than that. New research reveals that there may be a match between dog breeds and owner personalities.

The British organization The Kennel Club deals with the health, welfare and training of dogs – they have a database for microchipped pets, register pedigree dogs and run the Crufts dog show . The Kennel Club has conducted research into the dominant personality traits of owners of some of the most popular breeds.

Apparently, Jack Russell owners are the most loyal, while Cocker Spaniel owners top the list for being the most inquisitive and family-oriented.

The five most dominant personality traits that define Jack Russell owners are:

  • 88% agree they are loyal and faithful
  • 87% agree they enjoy helping others
  • 84% agree they are friendly
  • 83% agree they are trustworthy
  • And 82% agree they are good listeners
Jack Russell Terrier and Miniature Schnauzer Owners Value Loyalty and Fidelity

The research also revealed which owners ranked higher on certain personality traits compared to those with other breeds:

  • Springer Spaniel – The most traditional, reserved and punctual
  • Border Terrier – The most charming, lively and exuberant
  • Cocker Spaniel — The most creative and family-oriented
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier – The most affectionate and trustworthy
  • Jack Russell Terrier and Miniature Schnauzer – The most loyal and faithful

Research has seen owners of some of the most popular dog breeds ranked on personality statements, which can be used to reveal their levels of extroversion, openness, agreeableness, emotional stability and conscientiousness.

Those who ranked highest on traits related to agreeableness and traits related to extroversion, possessed Pomeranians
Those who ranked highest on traits related to agreeableness and traits related to extroversion, possessed Pomeranians
  • Those who love new experiences, have lots of hobbies, and like to take risks, suggesting that they rank highest in the “openness” personality trait, which Whippets possessed.
  • And the owners who ranked the most emotionally stable, reporting they were positive and happy, had Golden Retrievers.
  • Owners who demonstrated the highest level of conscientiousness, including being organized and preferring to stick to the rules, had Miniature Schnauzers.
  • Those who ranked highest on traits related to agreeableness and traits related to extroversion possessed Pomeranians.
  • Staff members have affectionate personalities, as do their owners who are ranked as the most affectionate.

However, just like life in general, it might not always work out for the best if you’re making choices based on looks alone. Half of people who chose a dog based on personality and looks, rather than suitability for their lifestyle, say they can’t meet all of their dog’s needs.

While 63% of respondents choose their four-legged friend based on his appearance or his heart rather than his head, 50% of them say they can’t offer their dog everything he needs. For those who did a lot of research, saying they spent a lot of time understanding all aspects of their breed before buying, 88% agree that their furry friend is a perfect match for their personality and lifestyle. life.

The research results were published before Britain Discover the dogs event in London this weekend, October 15-16. It aims to allow people to meet and pet 200 different dog breeds.

And while there’s no specific research on mixed breeds, and they’re not usually represented at major dog shows, it’s certainly possible that they – and their owners – have the perfect balance between all the good traits.


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