Australian dog owner reveals the cost of maintaining his dog’s online reputation


An Australian woman has revealed the significant expense of maintaining her dog’s online reputation.

In order to make up for not having children, Alina Michaels, 32, a resident of Sydney’s Northern Beaches, lavished her love and care on Coco the ‘cuckoo’, a breed that is three-quarters a toy poodle and a quarter Pekingese.

Since setting up her own Instagram profile four and a half years ago, Ms Michaels has spent more than $150,000 on Coco, she revealed to Daily Mail Australia on Tuesday.

In addition to a $100,000 wardrobe, she also owns a $500 pink remote control Lamborghini that she likes to drive in.

When Ms Michaels “noticed a friend was dressing her dog in expensive clothes and then posting pictures on social media”, she had the idea to turn Coco into a canine influencer.

More than 62,000 people have followed her dog’s @coco the peekapoo Instagram account since she started it a few years ago, saying they can’t wait to see what Coco wears next.

The page generates revenue as many loyal Coco fans buy the items she models.

According to Ms Michaels, maintaining Coco’s Instagram account is “like a full-time job”.

As well as appearing on numerous TV shows including “Pooch Perfect” with Rebel Wilson, Studio 10, Sunrise and The Morning Show, Coco was named Australia’s Top Dog of 2021 and Sydney’s Top Dog of 2019.

She is the face of DOGUE’s Indie Boho and Bravecto clothing and accessories lines.

Due to her popularity on social media, Coco frequently encounters fans while on the go.

Ms Michaels said: ‘I don’t think she fully understands what’s going on.

Coco likes to dress up in various outfits and rejoices when she does because she knows she’s either going to leave the house or take pictures.

Each year, according to Ms. Michaels, she spends up to $8,000 on Coco’s birthday celebration, and sponsors also donate up to $15,000 in goods for influencers and revelers to take home.

Coco’s 8th birthday celebration will have a budget of $4,000.

According to Ms. Michaels, business collaborations on Coco’s Instagram profile yield up to $750 for each post, more than covering the cost of extravagant birthday celebrations.

Ms Michaels said Coco followers buy the products she poses with in the photos (pictured)

According to Ms. Michaels, having connections with brands and companies is crucial for anyone who wants to succeed, because opportunities will arise from it.

Through networking, “we’ve met so many great people along the way.

While the majority of Coco fans leave favorable remarks, there are those envious dog mothers who are less than satisfied.

The growing field of pet influencers, according to Ms Michaels, “can be very competitive, like a bunch of school moms.”

At 8:30 p.m. AEST tonight, SBS Insight will feature Alina’s story.


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