Behind the scenes of GTA Online’s Mario Kart Meet Up


You’ve probably seen plenty of car dating videos in GTA Online. A group of virtual gear bosses gather in a dark parking lot to show off their upgraded tuners and tricked out Exotics. Well, have you ever seen one with Mario Kart-style go-karts? What about an air show? How about the two combined? Well, that’s the kind of meetup the iOSGamer team, We Da Best Events, organizes.

“Everything has to be meticulously and obsessively planned in advance,” iOS tells me. Once he has an event idea in his head, he’ll scout locations, take photos, and even create a PowerPoint with a timeline. Lobby size in GTA Online is capped at 30, and iOS tells me its events hit it easily, so planning is key.


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In the video shared on Reddit, we see players dressed as Mario, Luigi and Waluigi – basically colorful shirts under overalls – around semi-circles of glowing karts as planes fly in formation and spray smoke into the sky from the beach at sunset. Armed guards monitor the proceedings to ensure everyone’s safety, and then we’re off to the races!

“I played Mario Kart Wii as a kid, one of my favorite tracks is Daisy Circuit,” iOS explains. “I worked backwards and thought, ‘I want to imagine what it’s like to have Mario Kart in GTA.’ I put in pieces of different locations that would really fit the Mario Kart theme. You have the playground, the sunset, the beach – Daisy Circuit is all about the beach.”

But how did these events become so important? iOS started hosting events last year during Covid lockdowns, “because why not?” He had spent time filming the flights of the Black Sabers Display Team air show crew, so for his first event, a Springbreakers-themed birthday party for himself, he had them provide the aerial entertainment. . QSEC Security guards donned fluorescent bikinis and balaclavas and ensured no heartbreak disturbed the festivities. “It’s all sorts of categories – I even had a GTA wedding.”

Although the groups involved enjoy role-playing, they do not play on GTA RP servers. Instead, everything is done on standard public servers, hence the need for QSEC. Everyone also plays on Xbox One, which can lead to some technical difficulties. “There’s a lot of formation involved in flying in formation, especially in a very staggered session,” iOS explains. “You have 29 players, it’s going to be very slow – we’re all playing on the older generation.”

Yet, despite a certain lag, the events are a success. I was a DJ in college, and getting 30 people to agree to meet at a specific place and time is harder to do than it looks, especially if you have to coordinate three different groups, probably spread over several time zones.

Communities like We Da Best Events are a big part of why GTA Online has lasted so long. Although it only started playing last year, the passion of iOS shows how creative you can be in a game designed around heists and murders. You can check out more iOSGamer events and videos here.

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