Best Dog Food For Huskies

Best Dog Food For Huskies Available in 2020

Even though they are known to be high maintenance doggies, Huskies are very easy to take care of. If you do not know how to take care of this type of dog breed, then you are in luck! In this article, you will find the right things to do when you have a Husky in your home, what tools to get to make sure that they are well taken care of, and of course, the best dog food for Huskies you will ever find in the market.

Huskies are one of the most beautiful dogs you will ever see. Aside from the fact that they have an amazing shade of colors, plus their funny traits never fade away as they grow old, these furry friends would be the perfect companions inside and outside the house.

What Makes Huskies One of the Best Dog Breeds Ever?

For you to get to know Huskies in a more detailed manner, take a look at these awesome qualities you can observe while you are with them:

They Are Very Energetic – The Husky or Siberian Husky dog breed is well-known to be a line of being perfectly good sled dogs. Back in the day, Chukchi people from northeastern Siberia breed these dogs to compete or perform in numerous competitions and sled races. This is why up to this day, Huskies are still known to be very energetic furry buddies!

 They Are Naturally Clean – Huskies have a thick undercoat that they can clean any time of the day. Much like cats, these dogs can clean themselves effectively even without the help of their owners. Adding to that, Huskies are known to have shedding seasons twice a year, which is why if you are planning to buy grooming supplies, it would be best if you get a vacuum instead. Don’t worry about cleaning, they can do that on their own while all you have to do is to clean the cute mess they make.

They Never Have Problems in Cold Weather – As mentioned in the previous point, Huskies have a very thick undercoat. This means that if you live in a cold place, or if your house is air conditioned to have a lower temperature, your furry pals will never have a problem. Plus, their breed originated from Siberia. That closes this discussion right away.

They Are Quite Strong – Aligned with the first point, Huskies are one of the perfect companions if you love to do exercises. Aside from being energetic, these dogs are quite strong thanks to their lineage. Siberian Huskies used to carry sled riders for races and competitions back then, so you can expect that they are not that soft because of their muscle build.

 They Are Very Friendly and Lovable – When you are around Huskies, you always have to prepare yourself for the amounts of love you will get. Since they are quite energetic and strong, these doggies could charge you any time of the day if they are hyped up, and you have to be prepared for that. Be wary when you have a Husky inside your house, and if you have time, make sure to give them lots and lots of love.

 When it comes to maintenance and care, Huskies are not that hard to have in your home. They are very responsible dogs, and they can take care of themselves just by cleaning alone. If you want to go the extra mile, you can have a couple of tools such as brushes, a small vacuum, and shears or scissors to maintain their fur. Aside from that, it is also important to keep them healthy by feeding them the best dog food for Husky and taking them to their vet on a regular basis. By simply remembering these common tips, you will have a happy home for your Husky to roam around in.

Top 5 Best Dog Food For Huskies

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Dry Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein, Natural Adult Dry Dog Food, Chicken 24-lb
  • PACKED WITH REAL CHICKEN: A recipe made to satisfy your dog’s natural love for meat, this high protein dog food features real chicken to help build and maintain lean muscle mass
  • HEALTHY INGREDIENTS: BLUE Wilderness grain free dog food, made with healthy carbohydrates, including sweet potatoes and peas, helps fuel your adult dog’s active lifestyle; It also contains omega 3 & 6 fatty acids to support skin and coat health
  • WITH LIFESOURCE BITS: This formula contains BLUE’s exclusive LifeSource Bits – a precise blend of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to support immune system health, life stage requirements, and a healthy oxidative balance
  • NATURAL DOG FOOD: BLUE dry dog food features the finest natural ingredients enhanced with vitamins and minerals; It never contains chicken (or poultry) by-product meals, corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors or preservatives
  • Contains one (1) 24-lb bag of BLUE Wilderness High Protein, Natural Adult Dry Dog Food, Chicken

One of the most common choices when it comes to food options is dry dog food, and if you are planning to get your dog one of these, then you might as well go with this best dog food for Huskies out there. The Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Dry Dog Food is perfect to catch your Husky’s attention whenever it’s mealtime.

What makes this brand so tasteful is that within the package, you can find chunks of real chicken, ready to be eaten by your furry pals. It is entirely grain-free to ensure the health and welfare of your adult Huskies, and it is filled with healthy carbohydrates to fuel their athletic lifestyle.

What’s so great about this brand is that it is also filled with its iconic LifeSource Bits, which are mixtures of vitamins and minerals to boost your dog’s immunity and oxidative balance. Finally, this pack of dog food is 100% natural, making it the ideal choice to feed your adult Siberian Husky with.

  • Natural dog food
  • Grain-free
  • LifeSource Bits
  • Contains bits of real food
Not So Good
  • Possible stool issues
  • Not for the long term

NUTRO Kitchen Classics Adult Wet Dog Food

NUTRO PREMIUM LOAF Adult High Protein Natural Wet Dog Food Savory Lamb, Carrot & Pea Recipe, (12) 12.5 oz. Cans
  • Contains twelve (12) 12.5 oz. cans of NUTRO PREMIUM LOAF Savory Lamb, Carrot & Pea Recipe Adult Canned Natural Wet Dog Food; Natural Wet Dog Food Plus Vitiams, Minerals & Other Nutrients
  • Farm-raised lamb is the first ingredient in this delicious canned wet dog food
  • Grain free dog food that’s rich in nutrients and full of flavor for your adult dog
  • Made with non-GMO ingredients*
  • NO corn, wheat, or soy, NO chicken by-product meal, NO artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors

The NUTRO Kitchen Classics Adult Wet Dog Food is one of the many options you can consider as the best food for Shih Tzu or if you prefer feeding wet food to your Siberian Husky. Each features a recipe of savory lamb plus carrots and peas, and since dogs love meat, you can easily make them fall in love with this product.

The lamb used for this wet dog food is guaranteed farm-raised and well taken care of, so you can expect that it is fresh and natural. It is also grain-free, which means that it is filled with nutrients and flavorful ingredients that your Husky will surely enjoy. Finally, Nutro ensures that your dogs will get the proper feeding time they deserve, so they never include ingredients and artificial preservatives that may ruin your Husky’s stomach.

  • 12 cans
  • Farm-raised ingredients
  • Grain-free
  • No artificial preservatives
Not So Good
  • Mushy
  • Unappetizing to look at

Wellness CORE Rawrev Natural Dry Dog Food Original Turkey & Chicken

Wellness CORE RawRev Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food, Original Turkey & Chicken with Freeze Dried Turkey, 10-Pound Bag
  • ADVANCED NATURAL NUTRITION TO FUEL YOUR DOG'S BEST LIFE: High protein, nutrient dense kibble combines with 100% raw freeze dried fish for a crave worthy dog food
  • SAVORY FOOD DOGS LOVE: Wellness CORE is available in grain and grain free recipes, as well as limited ingredient diets for dogs with food sensitivities
  • LEANER BODY MASS AND MUSCLE TONE: Wellness CORE dog food is made with a high concentration of protein from fresh meat ingredients
  • SUPPORTS HEALTHY SKIN AND COAT with guaranteed levels of omega fatty acids from ingredients such as flaxseed and salmon oil
  • WHOLE BODY HEALTH: Supported by omega fatty acids, antioxidants, glucosamine, probiotics and taurine for a healthy heart

The Wellness CORE Rawrev Natural Dry Dog Food features the scrumptious taste of turkey and chicken to hype up your dogs every time they smell it. It is manufactured with advanced, natural high-protein ingredients to ensure that your Husky’s health will not be compromised.

Aside from that, Wellness CORE also made sure that their products have sufficient amounts of protein so that your dogs will be able to maintain a leaner body and excellent muscle tone.

This dog food also promotes the health and welfare of your doggies’ skin and coats by including enough omega acids and other helpful ingredients. If you want your Siberian Husky to remain fit and healthy, this dog food is the perfect option for them.

This product also helps if your dog is athletic and enjoys an active lifestyle, especially since it is filled with lots of protein and you won’t have to buy supplements for them anymore.

  • High-protein
  • Savory
  • Turkey and Chicken
  • Supports a healthy coat and skin
Not So Good
  • Not appealing to picky eaters
  • Disintegrates if mishandled

Wellness Simple Natural Limited Ingredient Dry Dog Food Turkey & Potato

Wellness Simple Natural Grain Free Limited Ingredient Dry Dog Food, Turkey and Potato Recipe, 26-Pound Bag
  • LIMITED INGREDIENT DOG FOOD: Natural, grain free, limited ingredient recipe crafted with a single source of animal protein, expertly balanced with easily digestible carbohydrates and no fillers
  • A LIFETIME OF WELLBEING: Natural prebiotics support a healthy digestive system, antioxidants support a strong immune system and Omega fatty Acids support a healthy coat and skin
  • WHOLE BODY HEALTH: Supported by omega fatty acids, antioxidants, glucosamine, probiotics and taurine for a healthy heart
  • FIND THE RIGHT FOOD: Wellness offers a full range of foods to support your dog's specific needs, including grained and grain free options, high protein recipes and limited ingredient diets for dogs with food sensitivities
  • Made in the USA using only the finest globally sourced ingredients, we prepare each of our diets in our own state of the art facility; we craft delicious natural recipes with wholesome, non GMO ingredients chosen for their nutritional benefits

The Wellness Simple Natural Limited Ingredient Dry Dog Food is one of the most gentle and enjoyable products you could ever feed to your furry buddies. As its name suggests, it has all natural and grain-free ingredients that are limited to make sure that your dog’s health will not be compromised.

The ingredients are well-balanced by experts so that when your Husky eats the dog food, they can easily digest it. Finally, in line with the numerous options of dog food, it is also made with enough antioxidants and good fatty acids to make sure that your dogs’ skin and coat is healthy all the time.

  • Limited ingredients
  • Gentle manufacturing
  • Numerous dog food selections
  • Simple recipes
Not So Good
  • Not fit for all dogs
  • Possible diarrhea if mishandled

Instinct Puppy Grain Free Recipe Natural Dry Dog Food

Instinct Raw Boost Large Breed Puppy Grain Free Recipe with Real Chicken Natural Dry Dog Food by Nature's Variety, 20 lb. Bag
  • GRAIN FREE PUPPY FOOD WITH FREEZE DRIED RAW CAGE FREE CHICKEN: Instinct Raw Boost dry dog food combines high protein, grain free kibble with all natural bites of freeze dried raw chicken. Cage free chicken is the #1 ingredient - for energy to grow & play
  • PUPPY DOG FOOD PLUS FREEZE DRIED RAW PIECES: Made with calcium & phosphorus for strong teeth and bones plus natural DHA for brain & eye development. Made without grain, potato, corn, wheat, soy, by product meal, artificial colors or preservatives.
  • THE FIRST RAW BOOSTED LARGE BREED PUPPY KIBBLE: Raw Boost mixes natural, high protein, grain free dog food with our freeze dried raw dog food toppers in one bag. Also includes probiotics and omegas. Complete & balanced nutrition for large breed puppies.
  • POWER OF RAW INGREDIENTS: Our dog food is made with the pure, real nutrition of raw. Raw is natural, made from real meat & whole food ingredients, protein packed & minimally processed. Made in the USA with the finest ingredients from around the world.
  • OUR BEST DOG FOOD FOR PUPPIES BOOSTED WITH RAW: We craft dry & wet dog food from real ingredients. Compare Instinct to Blue Buffalo, Rachel Ray, Hills Science Diet, Purina One, Taste of the Wild, Merrick, Natural Balance, Wellness, Orijen, Royal Canin.

Of course, we would not end this list without adding an option for your Siberian Husky puppies! With the Instinct Puppy Natural Dry Dog Food, your puppies will get the best treatment for their tummies, skins, and coats.

This best food for husky puppy has a great combination of high protein ingredients such as the kibble itself and raw chicken that are freeze-dried to ensure dryness. It is also made with phosphorus and calcium to ensure the strength of their teeth and bones, plus natural DHA to secure eye and brain development.

Finally, thanks to their raw ingredients, your puppies will surely grow into amazing and very healthy adult dogs, making their life much more enjoyable with you taking care of them.

  • Grain-free
  • Freeze-dried raw chicken
  • Phosphorus & calcium for healthy teeth and bones
  • Minimally processed
Not So Good
  • Possible intestinal issues
  • Not appealing to some puppies


 Are Huskies picky eaters?

Siberian Huskies are known to be picky eaters, and that’s because of the natural survival instinct that their breed has. If your dog gets sick because of a specific food brand, expect that they will not touch that dog food ever again. Aside from this, they also tend to get bored of their meals, and they usually want to eat only if they had done a tiring activity beforehand.

If you want your dog to eat up whenever you feed them, consider these points to help you with your routine.

What do Huskies mostly eat?

Much like other dogs, Huskies can eat dog food as long as you choose the right brand for them. Aside from that, they can also eat rice, which means that if you have a diet that consists of rice meals, then you can add a few portions of rice into your Husky’s food for them to gain a little extra weight.

They can also eat raw meat, so if you want to implement a raw diet for them, you won’t have a problem with this.

What’s the best way to get my Husky to eat?

If you are having a hard time while you are feeding your Husky, you may want to let them break a sweat first. Try taking them out for jogs or a game of catch before their meals. This will work up their appetite and tire them out, making them hungry for the next meal they will have.

Aside from that, you could also change their diet or dog food if they won’t eat the usual ones you are giving them. Huskies tend to get bored of their meals, so if you want them to keep on eating, make sure that you are giving them the right products.

How much should I feed dog food to my husky?

Huskies are known to have special diets. When it comes to measuring out the amount of dog food you should feed to your dog, consider talking to their veterinarian first. It is much simpler to let them analyze your Husky’s body and health first so that they can suggest the type and amount of food you should give to them.

Should I feed my husky wet or dry food?

This really depends on you as an owner. There are plenty of meal options out there, and they are interchangeable depending on your Husky’s activeness and health. The ideal way to find out which one’s better is for you to serve them both for your dog. Whichever one he/she chooses, then you should get that, since it is the clear choice for the Husky.


Taking care of a Siberian Husky may be kind of tricky, but everything is worth it because they are one of the best dogs you could get. They are very active to the point that they would actually motivate you to exercise with them, and they are quite loving and require lots and lots of love.

Make sure that you will give them proper care with the right tools and the best dog food for Huskies you will find in the market, and these dogs will remain loyal to you no matter what.

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