Black Desert Online update 2.47 is available for a minor bug fix this July 29


● Under certain circumstances, it is difficult to progress through the Drakania Awakening questline.
– If you are below Lv. 56 and you have less than 3 skill points available, you will be able to progress through the questline if you reset your combat skills.
– If you are Lv. 57 or higher, make sure you have more than 3 skill points available to complete the awakening questline.

● Complete the [Season] Fughar’s Special Watch quest does not complement “A Brand New Experience Presented by Fughar!” challenge of the season: Dawn of Dragons Pass.

● As you progress through the [Drakania Awakening] Cup of Erethea or [Drakania Awakening] Wings Unfurled quests along with other adventurers, quests sporadically become instantly complete.
– This issue will be fixed during maintenance on August 3, 2022 (Wednesday).

● Narchillan Trion cannot be crafted with Narchillan’s Transformation Stone (Awakening Weapon).
– This issue will be fixed during maintenance on August 3, 2022 (Wednesday).

● The NPC quest for “[Godr-Ayed Weapon] Don’t Judge a Book…” cannot interact with.

● Only the Improved Compass Coin that can be obtained from the Hystria Ruins can currently be dropped by mobs in Kratuga for the “Treasure Hunt is on” event, rather than dropping the Temple Compass Coin from Aakman.
– Please note that if you want to get the upgraded compass piece that can be obtained from Aakman Temple, you can currently obtain it from Thornwood Forest or Aakman Temple. We apologize for the inconvenience.
– This issue will be fixed during maintenance on July 13 (Wednesday).

● Trying to upload an image with an image watermark in extended mode to Photo Gallery causes an error message to appear.

● Level 4 pets whose names contain inappropriate words cannot be trained to level 5
– If you encounter this problem, please contact us via the support center with the following information to receive assistance.
* Type of animal:
* Pet Name:
* New name:

● Raising the Ribbon Cat to level 5 makes its loot pickup time abnormal.
– This issue will be fixed during maintenance on July 6 (Wednesday).

● When playing Solare Arena, certain situations such as entering the battlefield or advancing to the next turn sometimes cause the game client to close unexpectedly.
– We are currently investigating this issue. If you encounter this issue, please locate the files in the file directory below and submit them to us via Black Desert Support. We will do our best to resolve this issue as soon as possible.
– File directory: %LOCALAPPDATA%CrashDumps or C:Users[UserName]AppDataLocalCrashDumps
– File name: BlackDesert64.exe.XXXXX.dmp (file corresponding to the time when the problem occurred)
* If the file size is too large to upload directly to our support website, please upload the file to Google Drive and send us the download link.
* Please provide as much information as possible in our request regarding the circumstances under which the issue arose. (e.g. entered Solare Arena, round just ended at Ruins of Tzol, etc.)
● Resurrecting during Red Battlefield causes the loading screen image to behave abnormally.
– Please note that the game loads normally even if the loading screen is a black screen.

● Completing an Adventure Log while inside the Solare Arena causes some additional Adventure Log stats to be applied to 0 after leaving the Solare Arena.
– Until this issue is resolved, please avoid completing Adventure Logs while inside the Solare Arena.

● HP sometimes does not recover properly when using HP recovery items or skills on the Marni server (Battle Arena, Red Battlefield, Erethea’s Limbo, Atoraxxion boss chamber, etc.).

● The “Fixed Character Perspective” setting does not work properly.

● Some monsters in the Jade Starlight Forest do not appear correctly on the EU_Arsha server.

● Reopening the Dye window after clicking the Mount icon while Merv’s Palette effect is active sometimes causes the game client to quit unexpectedly.
● Cannot receive the Blessing of Elvia’s Spirits effect under certain circumstances, even if the Reminiscence of Elvia’s Spirits effect is not currently active.
– You can receive the effect by logging back in through the character selection screen. We will do our best to resolve this issue as soon as possible.
● Some ancient statues do not appear under certain circumstances in the Gyfin Rhasia Temple (underground).
– Please note that the ancient statues will be repositioned if left undisturbed for a period of time. We will do our best to resolve this issue as soon as possible.
● Equipping an Outfit (Desert Camo, etc.) that takes up four slots (including the Headdress) causes the Headdress Outfit Dye not to be sporadically visible when the Headdress’s equip durability decreases.


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