Bonobo Highlights New Direction On “Fragments”

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Bonobo signals his triumphant return with his new album, fragments, featuring tracks such as “Rosewood”, “Tides”, and more.

For more than a decade, Bonobos has delivered some of the most groundbreaking and unique dance music in the world. From Dial M for Monkey and animal magic to the prolific black sands and 2014 Northern Borders, its catalog extends deep into the ethos of globally influential dance music. Further, his album Migration, featured a collection of tracks infused with sounds from all over the world while maintaining easily danceable, club-ready grooves. Now, marking his first release since 2017, he delivers his stunning full album, fragments to ninja melody.

Bonobo’s latest album was born during the shutdown of the past two years and is about the emotion and internal struggle of being away from the dance floor while finding new life among the power of collaboration. While fragments isn’t entirely club-centric, his ability to pull the chord through his downtempo productions is second to none. It also features numerous collaborations of Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, Jordan Rakei, O’Flynn, Jamila Woods, joji, and Bone Kadhjat.

Looking closer at Bonobo’s triumphant return, fragments deliver their most cohesive album to date. He successfully connects the dots between easily danceable grooves, emotional vocal ballads and modular synth productions to once again redefine his one-of-a-kind sound. It’s safe to say he’s truly in a league of his own, and this album solidified Bonobo’s place among the greatest of all time.

to listen fragments on Spotify or your favorite platform, and read on to find out what it is.

Bonobo Feed – fragments on Spotify:

Powerful collaborations are at the heart of fragments and Bonobo leads the way with the stunningly beautiful “Polyphantom.”

With a Los Angeles-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, “Polyphantomis another stunner on this version of Bonobo. This track acts as the perfect introduction to fragments and is filled with celestial harp plucks and warm, airy strings, making it impossible not to want to venture ever deeper.

As we dive deeper into the world of fragments, five previously released singles find their way into a collection of new tracks.

the first of which,Tides,” with Jamila Woods, offers silky smooth vocals that speak to the cyclical and ever-changing nature of the times we now collectively face. At the same time, Bonobo’s expertly crafted productions provide a wonderful window into his newly discovered yet wonderfully familiar sound. Japanese singer-songwriter joji soothes the soul for another sunrise-ready downtempo homerun on “Of you,” while “Shadows” taps Jordan Rakei for Fragments’ foretaste of relaxing but danceable rhythms and warmly reminiscent of those of Bonobo Migration sonorous but entirely fresh.

ottoman” is one of the first tracks and one of the strongest tracks on the album where the heavy and percussive rhythms are perfectly matched with expertly crafted strings and ghostly vocals before a massive industrial-tinged drop begins. ignite the dance floor. As we continue our stay, Fragments’ first single”Rosewoodis perhaps the most definitive track of Bonobo’s return to the limelight. Already enjoying huge success on many streaming platforms, this one delivers some powerful dance vibes that we all love so much from the mighty entertainer.

Elysianalso continues to underscore Bonobo’s absolute mastery of arrangement and composition as he delves into a symphonic masterpiece reminding us that his productions don’t need to be built for the dance floor. to evoke a powerful emotion. And while downtempo and orchestral vibes are more than welcome on fragments, he finally picks up the pace on “Closer.” A warm, celestial breakbeat builds the tension before releasing into a futuristic yet refined drop that is infused with the colors of the sunset.

Like “Phase age“reminds us that no one can control a dance floor like Bonobo with uplifting vocal chops, exquisite strings and driving lows to deliver the perfect balance of refined yet danceable rhythms. Another strong standout sure to get your feet is “Counterpart”, with Bonobo’s signature soft house groove that combines impeccable percussion and irresistible pulsing rhythms.

As we enter the final throws of fragments, sapiensis a nod to Bonobo’s London territory.

sapiensbrings a powerful breakbeat rhythm that seamlessly carries dreamy synth chords and futuristic under-bass to evoke emphatic emotion from start to finish – it’s pure electronic music perfection. Then, fragments the curtain call is coming”Day by day», as the soothing voices of Kadhja Bonet remind us, “Little by little, day by day, we will make this world a better place.

After being cut from live events for over a year, as complicated as it was for many, in a way we can be grateful that he was responsible for nurturing Bonobo’s inner creativity to create such a well thought out and cohesive album from start to finish. Some of our strongest inspirations can often grow from the darkest situations.. fragments signal a new direction for the esteemed producer, and we can’t wait to finally experience the magic live when it hits the road later this year.

Bonobos – fragments – List of tracks:

  1. Polyghost (with Miguel Atwood-Ferguson)
  2. Shadows (with Jordan Rakei)
  3. Rosewood
  4. Otomo (feat. O’Flynn)
  5. Tides (feat. Jamila Woods)
  6. Elysian
  7. Closer
  8. Phase age
  9. From You (feat. Joji)
  10. Counterpart
  11. sapiens
  12. Day after day (feat. Kadhja Bonet)
Bonobos - Fragments

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