Buffalo residents share snaps of the wild winter weather online


Cities in upstate New York, like Buffalo, are stunned by wintry weather and lake-effect snow.

The blizzard moved through the area on Thursday and in less than 24 hours the storm managed to dump up to three feet of snow in parts of Eerie County, according to local reports of the National Weather Service.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) warns that whiteout conditions are likely to persist at an intermittent rate throughout the weekend, meaning no area is expected to see consistent heavy snowfall.

Even so, it’s a lot of snow, and people in upstate New York have taken the opportunity to share the wild winter weather online – and let’s just say, at first glance , the forecasters’ predictions weren’t that far off.

On Friday morning, social media sites like Twitter and TikTok were swarmed with a flurry of videos and images of seemingly uninterrupted snowfall.

Philip Lewis, editor of HuffPostshared a video of a phenomenon known as a “thunderstorm” or basically, a thunderstorm with wintry weather, on Twitter, writing, “Very rare thunderstorm in Buffalo, NY.”

The area’s football team, the Buffalo Bills, also shared an image of the impact the weather has had on their stadium so far.

Buffalo Bills linebacker, Von Milleralso shared a video of what appeared to be a car completely covered in snow.

“Hello Buffalo,” he joked.

Atmospheric Scientist dakota smith shared another kind of video like — a view from space — as officials track the storm over the Great Lakes using radar.

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Alongside the video, Smith added that it may have been one of the most intense storms on record, writing: “Wow. Seven hours of intermittent lightning in Buffalo. One of the thunderstorm events the most prolific I have ever seen.”

storm chaser Sam Roback caught the snow from a different angle, captioning the video “MASSIVE LIGHTNING STRIKE.”

Meteorologist Jim Cantore shared a photo of the massive storm swath, writing in part, “From the Niagara River north of downtown Buffalo looking south at the snow swath. This is what we just rode through.”

Another meteorologist, Patrick Hammer, share shooting it from a different angle, describing it as a “wall of snow, just south of Buffalo”.

A TikToker, who began covering the storm as the gusts began to pile up last night, has since updated fans and shared a video of the buildup – which is now down to their dog’s stomach – at 8 a.m. this morning.

So much snow has fallen so quickly that even the plows are struggling to keep up, according to a TikTok video that showed one stuck in an embankment.

As the wild winter weather continues to drop, we expect even more incredible images from the area. Here’s hoping everyone stays safe and warm as they weather the rest of this storm!

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