Cesar Millan shares his “formula for success” for dog owners


Have a strawberry time to keep your dog under control? Here is a tip from Cesar Millan.

The Dog Whisperer alum exclusively told E! News that one of the biggest issues dog parents often face is “feeling guilty” for disciplining their puppies, but they shouldn’t be because “discipline is not punishment.”

“There’s a formula for success. In the canine world, that’s: exercise, discipline, affection,” said Millan, who is a founding partner at dog safety solutions company Halo. “Most people do love, love, love instead of exercise, discipline, affection. Most people do not understand the true understanding of discipline.”

For Millan, discipline means providing a quiet space for your dog and continuing his education. According to the canine expert, many pet owners discipline their dogs “out of frustration” so their “timing is off” and the animal can’t figure out exactly what their human wants.

Instead, he recommends creating a peaceful learning environment and then teaching the dog what it’s supposed to do and what not to do. “Peace in the canine world means respect. It’s something that dogs often don’t do in our field,” he explained. “Dogs never go online unless they live with a human who is not online.”


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