Clensta Reveals New Brand Identity With New Logo


Clensta, a new-age start-up based in Gurgaon, has introduced a new logo and brand identity in a bid to improve consumer link. With a long history in the business of bringing innovative and innovative products to the market, Clensta is best known for developing technology-enabled waterless bath solutions.

However, it has now leveraged its innovation capabilities to fully enter the consumer space with diverse offerings in categories such as skin care, hair care, wellness, home care and others. The Caspian-backed startup believes this allows it to hunt a much larger TAM (total addressable market). With this in mind, it was necessary for them to refresh their brand and overall identity.

The arc in the new logo design represents progress; advancing from point to point. This matches their new slogan: “The best way”. It also reflects Clensta’s ambition to be an umbrella brand that straddles multiple categories. The colors, blue and yellow, represent confidence and progress respectively. Thus, this new design reflects the brand narrative and the promise of Clensta.

As a goal-oriented brand, Clensta wants to deviate from tradition and chart its own course instead of following the usual path. With a strong focus on research and innovation, Clensta seeks to be a generator of value by offering distinctive proposals to solve unsolved problems. It aspires to tap into new audiences and expand its TG by presenting customers with a wider range of choices. Choices that lead to better care and outcomes for the consumer, as well as an improved environment. All of these ideas are encapsulated in the Clensta brand pillars – integrating nature and technology, sustainability and thoughtfulness.

Along with the logo, Clensta has developed a new artwork that encapsulates their brand promise and will be a driving force for them in the future. They want to create a better world for consumers where all of their needs are taken care of, including the needs of their children, their home, and even their pets. The flowing water represents the waves of change Clensta wants to bring, and the sun represents positivity and progress. There is also a depiction of the tree of life, a powerful motif of lasting progress, representing that the destinies of man and nature are intertwined.

Puneet Gupta, CEO and Founder of Clensta, said: “Our new logo and brand identity are in line with our core values. Our goal as a brand is to ensure an unwavering commitment to finding a better way to deliver value through innovation and changes to our logo and brand appeal collectively represent our vision and what we represent as an organization. The change not only showcases what the company envisioned as a brand, but also provides a window into the endless array of future possibilities and potentials we have before us. With this in place, we believe we are in a better position to pursue our vision of reaching 5 million households in 5 years.


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