Coronation Street fans are horrified when the identity of Joseph Brown’s kidnapper is revealed


CORONATION Street fans are horrified after it was revealed who was hiding young Joseph Brown.

The schoolboy disappeared on tonight’s episode of the ITV soap, leaving his father Chesney and stepmother Gemma terrified.


Joseph’s ‘kidnapper’ was revealed at the end of Coronation Street tonight
Hope hid Joseph in the attic


Hope hid Joseph in the attic

In tonight’s episode, Joseph admitted he was being bullied at school, but begged his dad not to say anything.

However, Chesney went behind Joseph’s back and spoke to the professor – who shoved him under the rug.

Feeling betrayed, Joseph lashed out at his parents saying he couldn’t trust them.

He then stormed out – and didn’t come home for his dinner.

After several hours of being missing, his parents phoned the police and their search revealed Joseph’s sweater.

A full-scale search was launched as Chesney and Gemma grew increasingly panicked.

But later, as Chesney went in search of his son, the truth was revealed.

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While Fiz tried to reassure his brother, his daughter Hope came up to the attic with the chips she had taken from the kitchen.

It was then shown that Joseph was hiding up there from everyone.

And fans are horrified by Hope’s twisted new actions.

One wrote: “I hope to keep Joseph in the attic as his pet. And how big are these p****g houses?”

A second said: “#Corrie, looks like Hope put Joseph in some kind of ‘lambs’ silence’ way to jail!”

Another added: ‘Wtf hopes to keep him prisoner ready for human sacrifice for Chucky’s bride’

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