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Dept to enforce NAWSP including abandonment of pets

Published on: Wednesday May 11, 2022

By: Bernama

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Dr. Norlizan: “With the regulations in force, legal proceedings can be brought against criminals.

PUTRAJAYA: The Department of Veterinary Services (JPV) will enforce certain regulations cited in the National Animal Welfare Strategic Plan (NAWSP) 2021-2030, including one relating to abandonment of pets or animals. Its Managing Director, Datuk Dr Norlizan Mohd Noor, said The Wellbeing Code of Practice (KAKH) introduced earlier was not legally binding – it was merely a guide – therefore no action could be taken in the event of breach. Under the law, legal action can be taken against pet owners for neglecting or abandoning their pet.

“We can’t do anything when someone violates the KAKH, but with the current regulations, we can take legal action if someone files a complaint against them,” he said. The NAWSP, which was launched in April, is a continuation of the 2012-2020 strategic plan and aims to strengthen enforcement of the Animal Welfare Act 2015 and other laws, and improve the well -being and animal welfare. “Animal welfare development must continue to ensure that its values ​​are instilled in people from an early age,” Dr Norlizan said. He considers the Animal Welfare Law Enforcement, which started on July 1, 2017 through NAWSP 2012-2020, a great achievement.

“Without the law, welfare development would be difficult because special legislation and implementation is needed. “For example, laws are needed to conduct surveillance and investigation activities, as well as to initiate prosecutions,” Dr. Norlizan said. He said JPV had received many complaints of neglected animals and abuse, with 768 recorded in 2020 and 1,249 in 2021, and there was a sharp increase in cases involving dogs, cats, horses, cows and exotic animals. He said that in the first three months of 2022, JPV had received 298 complaints.


“People didn’t really care about animal neglect before, but now that there’s awareness about it, a reporting channel and a law, we’ve had a lot of complaints,” said the Dr Norlisan.
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