District attorney offers help via ‘live chat’ to identity crime victims


The San Diego County District Attorney’s Office has added a link to a live chat feature on its website that offers instant assistance with identity theft, identity fraud, data breaches and issues. related.

“By adding this service to our website, in partnership with the Identity Theft Resource Center, we are providing real-time support to potential victims of identity theft,” District Attorney Summer Stephan said in a statement. A press release.

“Identity theft can devastate individuals and businesses financially, so we want the public to use the resources available to help them make informed decisions and protect their personally identifiable information,” Stephan said.

Chat line counselors will ask what happened, followed by a series of questions to determine the extent of the problem, then provide a personalized action plan and next steps.

Support will be available live in English or Spanish during business hours or through live tracking for after-hours or weekend calls.

Founded in 1999, the Identity Theft Resource Center is a national non-profit organization created to support victims of identity crime.

“Our partnership allows us to reach more people in San Diego County who need help recovering from or preventing identity theft or fraud,” said Eva Velasquez, president and CEO of the center. . “Victims of identity crime need unique support to recover from the misuse of their personal information. It is our mission to provide this.

More than 7% of resource center calls this year are from victims living in California who sought help with personal information compromised due to scams and misuse of personal information via takeover from an existing account.

The most reported scam in California is called the “Google Voice Scam”, which targets people who post items for sale on sites such as Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, as well as people looking for a pet lost. Scammers will say they want to verify the person’s identity and ask them to resend a Google Voice verification code that can be used to gain access to accounts.

People can find a link to the center on the DA’s website or at idtheftcenter.org, or call (888) 400-5530.


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