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MEXICO CITY (AFP) – Wearing tiny traditional outfits and carrying pint-sized backpacks, around 300 dogs of varying sizes took part in a dog race in Mexico City on Sunday.

The Perritos en fuga race, which means “doggies on the run”, saw pet owners and their four-legged friends brave the early morning chill to celebrate the city’s canine community.

After making their mark on the start line, the dogs flew back and forth – with some scuffles with their rivals – accompanied by a soundtrack of traditional Mexican music.

“The dog culture is missing a lot and that helps to encourage it,” said Ricardo Cabrera, 29, who participated with his dog in the race. AFP.

“That’s great because sometimes there are no public activities to do with your pets other than going to the park.”

There was no winner in the 2.5 km race, but all participants received gifts, including bowls of dog food. The event “makes the dog part of the family,” said 45-year-old veterinarian Monica Aguilar. AFP.

“It’s very important because it prevents so many abandonments – you’re not going to abandon your family.”

People with their dogs for the “Perritos en fuga” dog race in Mexico City. PHOTOS: AFP
Dogs during the race


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