Five experiences that brought Meow Wolf’s Vortex Festival to life

Photo credit: Jess Bernstein

Adventure through the world created by Meow Wolf at Vortex Festival with these five unique moments that created an immersive experience!

Feast of whirlwindshosted by meow wolf, is full of endless wonder waiting around every corner. Although this is not the first edition of the festival, it is the first to be held in denver. For this place to meet the vision, you need a one-of-a-kind location, and breakage was exactly that. Although it was once a place of disuse and oblivion, it has become a place full of countless quirks, uniqueness, unity and love to be discovered.

On top of all that goodness, there was also a variety of different music, art, food, and fashion that reached out to all walks of life. Now that there’s been time to absorb all the greatness that came from the weekend, it’s obvious that the event wouldn’t have been all it was without the moments shared by all the souls in attendance. .

My experience has been inspiring to say the least, especially through the music and the performances. The JunkYard itself also encouraged the fact that it was once just heaps of junk and had been transformed into a beloved haven for anyone who wandered within its walls. And all the little extra Meow Wolf additives in the mix combined for a magical experience.

It’s hard to limit yourself to the five best moments of the weekend; if I could include them all, I would. But it was the defining moments that stood out, and I feel called to share the most.

Five experiences that brought Meow Wolf’s Vortex Festival to life

Vortex Festival 2022
Photo credit: Jess Bernstein

The mesmerizing parade of traveling performers brought smiles to everyone they interacted with.

One of the things you can always count on about Meow Wolf is a quirky interactive experience. During the day, one of the most enjoyable things to do was to watch these creations of our imaginations walk around and dance around the same space as you. You might get even more lost in this imaginative world with these graceful and creative creatures frolicking wildly across the terrain. From cute cow critters to silent, jittery faceless entities, these extra visual aids really made the weekend that much brighter.

Build Your Own Franken Boi was one of the biggest highlights of my weekend.

Brie Hirs and she Franken Wood were by far my favorite of all sellers. From her baby faces sewn onto purses and animal bodies to her build your own Franken Boi, this booth was the perfect fit for this event. If you chose to create your own, you must choose a body, head, and accessory of your choice to make it unique. It’s like a build-a-bear, only better.

As you can see in the photo above, I made a bunny/owl hybrid with aviation goggles, and my inner child hasn’t stopped smiling ever since. Don’t worry if you’re not in the Denver area and want to have fun; these amazing creatures can also be found on her Etsy page!

bob moses kasblanca
Photo credit: Jess Bernstein

Bob Moses and Kasablanca set our souls on fire as the rain cleared around us.

It was the moment of all moments. It had rained most of the evening on the final day, but mother nature knew what greatness was to come as it cleared for the final moments of Bob Moses. As the night drew to a close, Kasablanca and their quirky musical production setup joined in the fun of performing an unreleased collaboration track for the first time live.

The crowd went wild as the first notes filled their ears. Bodies danced with happy smiles on their faces as performers filled The JunkYard with melodic vocals and jaw-dropping snares. This daringly beautiful combination was the over the top bow to wrap up the weekend and all of its imperfectly perfect moments.

pabllo vittar
Photo credit: Jess Bernstein

The dancers of Pabllo Vittar delight all those who have crossed eyes with their talent.

The musical talent of Pablo Vittar’s an incredible lineup was a vibe in its own right, but having sexy, fierce dancers adding to the moment made it even more monumental. Four incredibly talented dancers all wore shiny metallic matching cuts, giving their hearts to the stage with every second of the songs performed.

I remember looking at my friend and the two of us in unison, saying “wow” being completely in awe of the artistry before our eyes. It was an incredible reminder of the influence and importance of stage presence on a set. That’s not to say it can be detrimental not to include them in your performance, but it really is a breath of fresh air when you see the art of dance paired with music.

whirlpool party
Photo credit: Jess Bernstein

Silly interactive games included to make guests feel like a kid again.

Innocents from younger times were constantly present at Vortex, and I loved that. Keeping the goofy moments lively, Meow Wolf included an entourage of wandering silly friends, inspiring individuals to laugh and tap into their more playful side. You could see them from a mile away and always knew when they were approaching because a fan of laughter followed them everywhere like a shadow.

The crowd favorite appeared to jump over the duck on a string or ring toss. Letting go and getting lost in the innocents is just what we all need every once in a while, and Vortex had just the right dose of it to get us through the weeks ahead.

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