Garnier on the green path of sustainable development


Garnier, the first mass-market natural beauty brand, recently launched a transformative Garnier Green Vision in Egypt. With the transformative power of green science, the brand combines science and nature to bring maximum beauty and efficacy to the consumer, with minimum impact on the planet. With the consumer always at heart, Garnier is changing the beauty industry by making sustainability part of its DNA, and empowering everyone to have Green Beauty.

To start spreading its Green Beauty Message, Garnier organized a mega event on October 29e, 2022. Over 350 influencers, journalists and key opinion leaders attended the historic venue, The Manial Palace, which was the perfect location to host the event as it is an unspoiled venue, and guests had the opportunity to understand the brand’s desire to preserve the planet in the image of the palace and to publicize Garnier’s green vision towards a safer and cleaner earth and a more sustainable future! The brand took guests on a journey to participate and become green advocates themselves, ultimately empowering millions of people to take greener action in their daily lives.

They highlighted their three main commitments to the planet and to their consumers to offer them the Greenest Beauty possible. First, their packaging will be 100% recycled and recyclable by 2025, using zero virgin plastic that poses no risk to the environment. And the best part is that they have already managed to reduce 12,000 tons of virgin plastic! Talk about determination and speaking out! Second, they do not test on animals and are approved by Cruelty Free International under the Leaping Bunny program – the leading organization to end animal testing worldwide – which makes their products highly authentic and, most importantly, animal friendly. Third, their ingredients are 99% vegan, bio-based, and sustainably sourced, making them safe and gentle on hair and skin.

During the event, Garnier took guests on an adventure through the “Greener Science and Formulas” lab section where it demonstrated a set of advanced scientific activities such as biotechnology that showed and developed ingredients and premium eco-friendly formulas. In fact, they launched a “One Green Step” campaign that motivates and inspires millions of people to take the greenest step towards a safe and healthy future life.

The event was a massive and successful attendance as it engaged guests to learn more about the sustainable path Garnier was on and provided fun and surprising experiences, and inspired them to become advocates for a safe planet. ! We can’t wait to see what Garnier has in store for us and how their successful and lasting journey will continue to impact our daily lives!


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