Gas theft, identity theft, package theft and an angry goose


Police report: gas theft, identity theft, package theft and an angry goose

Petrol theft: A resident of Varian Lane reported that petrol was stolen from her car as it was parked in her driveway on April 6. She said the car was parked in the driveway with half a tank of gas, but it was showing a weak Morning.

Identity theft
On April 4, a Chesterfield Road man reported that someone had fraudulently opened a Wells Fargo account in his name using the man’s social security number. The account has already been closed by the bank.

On April 5, a Lenox Place man reported that someone had fraudulently opened several department store credit cards in his name.

On April 10, a Rural Drive resident reported that debit cards had been fraudulently opened in her husband’s name, using his personal information. Both accounts have been cancelled.

On April 6, a Lee Road man said he received a scam call from someone claiming to be a local police officer. The caller said the man had to “clear his name” with the police department and then demanded $1,000 in Target gift cards. The man completed the task and realized he was being scammed. He called Target to cancel the gift cards.

On April 5, a woman from Continental Road reported that some of her packages had been sent to the wrong address and stolen from there. The packages contained two bags ordered from Bergdorf Goodman in early March. After ordering the bags, the woman realized she had sent them to the wrong address, which was a family member’s old address in New Jersey, and she then attempted to change the ‘Delivery address. However, by then the items had already been delivered. The woman contacted the NJ resident and learned that he never received the items because they were allegedly stolen from his address.

On April 9, a woman reported that a man tried to look over her shoulder as she entered her PIN into an ATM on Palmer Avenue. She felt it was suspicious and halted the transaction.

On April 4, a caller reported seeing a homeless man drinking from a bottle of vodka while seated at an outside table on East Parkway. Police arrived at the scene and did not see the man drinking or alcohol. The man left the scene without incident.

On April 7, police shut off the water to a vacant house in Lincoln Road after a pipe burst, and water could be seen flowing down the street.

Civil Affairs
A Dolma Road owner and a business owner had a fight over products that the business owner delivered to the owner on April 9. The owner did not like the quality of the products and tried to remove them from the house. Both sides seized the products and a struggle ensued. The police were called and mediated the disagreement.

On April 10, a Ridgecrest West home health aide was told she was no longer welcome at her employer’s home because two people had forced her out. Police facilitated contact with the employer who said they knew nothing about the case and welcomed help to their home. Later, the assistant called the police again to report that the same two people were removing items from the house. The employer said the individuals were helping him get things out of the house.

Cars and roads
On April 4, police assisted a driver with a broken down vehicle on Heathcote Road and Palmer Avenue.

On April 7, police asked a driver to move a trailer that was parked too close to an intersection on Greendale and Oxford roads.

On April 8, police notified the Department of Transportation of an oversized pothole on Weaver Street.

Four car accidents have been reported in the Village this week.

A caller reported seeing a dead animal near the waterfall in the river near Depot Place on April 4. Police surveyed the area and saw no dead animals.

On April 8, a loose dog was reported on Mamaroneck Avenue. Police attended the scene and did not see any dogs on the loose.

On April 8, a resident of Chateaux Circle reported that a “big and aggressive” goose charged at him and “slammed him from behind” as he and his wife walked near Scarsdale High School. No injuries were observed or reported. The resident expressed concern for other residents as the attack was unprovoked. The police explained that the geese are territorial during the spring mating season. Police drove to the school and encountered the goose, who also struck an aggressive pose with police and prepared to charge. However, due to the patrol’s lack of response, the goose backed away from the intimidating position it was attempting to exert.

On April 4, a Farragut Road man reported that he had lost a license plate when it fell from his trailer.

A California driver’s license was found outside on Wynmor and Secor roads on April 9. The police contacted the owner and facilitated the return of the permit.

Municipal code
On April 4, police issued a subpoena to a landscaper for using a gas-powered leaf blower in violation of village code on Sprague Road.

A resident of Birch Lane has asked police to check whether a neighbour’s bin holder, set up near a fence adjoining a stream on the property line, was breaking village code because the flow of water in the creek seemed to be negatively affected. The caller alleged that the trash can picked up the falling leaves causing the water to back up and flood the creek. Police pointed out that the water level was constant on both sides of the dumpster and elsewhere in the creek, suggesting the possibility that the waterway was not sufficient for the volume of water to drain properly.

On April 8, police issued a subpoena to a landscaper for using a gas-powered blower in violation of village code on Haverford Avenue.

On April 4, firefighters helped repair a leaking water heater at a home in White Road.
An electrical outlet was smoking in a house in Stonehouse Road on April 4. The plug was charred and hot. Firefighters removed the plug and plugged the wires. Firefighters advised the resident to replace the outlet.
Firefighters helped a resident remove about two inches of water from a basement in Canterbury Road on April 7-8. On April 8, they pumped water out of a flooded basement on Palmer Avenue.
An oven was accidentally left on overnight at a Griffen Avenue golf club. It caused a burning smell and activated an alarm. Another smell in the structure was attributed to an overheated booster pump.
On April 8, firefighters responded to a car crash on the Hutchinson River Parkway.
Firefighters helped Con Edison check homes for gas following a gas leak on Mamaroneck Road on April 8.
On April 9, firefighters intervened in a car accident on the boulevard.

This report covering police and fire service activities from April 4-10 has been compiled from official information.

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