‘Genti Music Artist, CEF charges Nigerians on love, identity


1 A Nigerian singer and multi-instrumentalist known as FEC called on Nigerians to imbibe love, show their identity and be responsible in their efforts to make the country a better place.

2 CEF made the call in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria on Tuesday in Abuja.

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3 The singer, who recently hosted a listening party for his EP titled ‘Jide Ofor’, said his brand of music called Genti is influenced by folklore, Ogene, Highlife, Afrobeat, Soul, Reggae and Jazz.

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4 “The EP songs include ‘Ije Uwa’ featuring Nze Chidi Echefu, ‘Jeje’, ‘Animal Farm’ featuring Dike Chukwumerije, ‘Dikeke’, ‘Odo Yewu’, ‘Ebelebe’ and ‘Ekwe Kuo’ featuring Nze Chidi Echefu .

5 “Genti Music is a call to Nigerians and all listeners to show their love, express their original identity and be responsible; they are ingredients that make a better society and a better nation as a whole.

6 “The music is a fusion of different styles, ideas and energies deeply rooted in native sounds, especially Igbo.

seven “Genti music is soft on the ear and heavy on the mind.

8 The project deals with the theme of spirituality, power, love, society and responsibility.

9 ‘Animal Farm’ is about the realities in Africa.

ten “As Nigerians, it is important for us to represent our culture and continue to interact with the world.

11 When you are deeply rooted culturally, you can be universal,” CEF said.

12 According to him, when you find your identity, you can take it out into the world, adding that the world is interested in our originality, “so that’s music”.

13 CEF, who expressed his love for white clothing, said it was a mark of spiritual awareness and reminded himself to be pure at all times.

14 He explained that musicians are cultural curators, adding that they shape what people see and hear.

15 Regarding the challenges, CEF said that the whole work “Jide Ofor”, whose master was produced by Emeka Onwumere, is a collective responsibility and efforts that lead to overcoming the perceived challenges.

16 He pointed out that there were local instruments that weren’t in circulation and weren’t being played and that those instruments that defined part of our identity are lost.

17 “That’s why we have to discover our identity to show our originality to the world.

18 Genti music is on this path; Nigerians should also use Genti music to show love and responsibility to improve a better society”.

19 The CEF is also ready to undertake tours for LagosAbuja and other states in the federation to promote Genti music.

20 NewsSourceCredit: NOPE

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