Greenock pet owner receives claims for missing dog


SICK criminals attempt to exploit a distraught Greenock pet owner whose beloved dog has gone missing after being hit by a car.

Haze, Kaylynne Walsh’s seven-year-old lurcher, ran away on March 17 after stepping out of a door mistakenly left open and being hit in a traffic accident.

After roaming the streets of her neighborhood of Greenock every day since, Kaylynne and her family have chosen to offer a £450 reward for the safe return of their beloved pet.

Since the call was posted on social media, Kaylynne has received two disturbing phone calls from a man with an English accent, calling from a withheld number, claiming he has Haze and demanding money.

Kaylynne, who lives in Drumfrochar Road, told the Telegraph she was calling the police about it.

The 21-year-old thinks the approaches are a hoax, but says it has made her all the more desperate to find out what happened to her beloved pet.

She said: “On the first phone call, the man said he picked her up the night she went missing and took her to Carlisle.

“He demanded that I transfer £200 to a bank account before he came to Greenock with Haze, but I refused to do so.

“He asked me if she could be raised.

“I was completely distraught and couldn’t stop crying.

“On the second phone call he said he was unwilling to provide proof he had it until I wired the money and asked for £100.

“This time I said I would and managed to get bank details, but obviously no name.

“He said I shouldn’t call the police or involve anyone else.

“I think it’s a hoax but I know we have to be careful.

“Anyway you look at it, it’s disgusting.

Since Haze went missing, locals have reported seeing a dog of similar description in places like Branchton, Pennyfern, the old neighborhood of Kenilworth, Greenock Cemetery, Barrs Cottage and Murdieston Dam.

Kaylynne added: “We’ve loved and taken care of her since she was a tiny little pup and she’s our little pet.

“She’s such an adorable dog.

“She’s so sweet and great with kids and really shy.

“I can’t help but think what a good girl she is and how undeserving she is of someone being mean to her.

“If it’s not a hoax and if that person really has it and is mean to it, it’s not worth thinking about.”

Kaylynne said she felt like she had no choice but to offer the reward after the search for Haze came to nothing.

She said: “We knew we had to be prepared for something like this after we offered a reward, and we knew people would risk their arm asking for money.

“If someone has it, the reward inspires them to return it.

“We try to be positive about it, but it’s really difficult.

“This is our last step to find her.

“If nothing happens, we’ll just have to accept the fact that she’s gone.”


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