“He just bit me”: Chinese man attacked for mistaken identity, China News


A Chinese man has been bitten more than 10 times by a stranger who mistakenly believed he was his ex-girlfriend’s new lover. The attack cost the victim his new job and more than 100,000 yuan (S $ 22,000) in expenses, Chinese media reported.

The man’s assailant, nicknamed Ye, was jailed for 13 days by police in Hangzhou, southeast China’s Zhejiang Province. But the victim said he would seek a review of the sentence he deemed too lenient, the Chutian Metropolis News reported. The fingers, arms and face of the victim, surnamed Huang, still bear the scars of the attack, two months after the incident, according to media reports.

Late on the evening of September 30, while driving a car into his apartment building, he encountered Ye and a woman walking their pet dogs. Ye approached the car before stopping it, Huang told the newspaper.

He said he was surprised when Ye tried to open the passenger side car door, but failed because it was locked. Ye then crawled out of the car window before starting to strangle Huang by the neck and bite his neck, ears, face, and nose.

Ye also threw Huang’s cell phone out of the car. Huang said he was unable to retaliate because he was constrained by his seat belt. “He didn’t respond to what I told him. He just bit me. As I had some notions of self-defense, I retracted my Adam’s apple. Otherwise, I might have lost my life, ”said Huang. “I don’t know who he is.

I’ve never met him before, ”he said. The assault lasted for about six minutes until the woman opened the door for Huang, allowing him to escape from the car. Huang picked up his cell phone from the ground and called the police. Ye tried to grab the phone and the two began to fight. “He grabbed my penis and ripped my pants off,” Huang said.


Ye told the police that he mistakenly thought Huang was her ex-girlfriend’s current boyfriend. Police said Huang was slightly injured in the attack. Ye also admitted his mistake to the police and expressed remorse. As a result, he only received 13 days in prison, police said.

Huang said he started a new job in early September. However, due to the injuries he sustained in the attack, he had to resign. He also had to cancel his engagement banquet which was due to take place on October 5.

Huang said he had to pay over 100,000 yuan (US $ 15,714) to the restaurant. He said Ye had not apologized to him or provided any economic compensation. “The punishment is too light,” Huang said. “I will appeal to the authorities to carry out an administrative review of this sanction. After that, I will sue him.

This article first appeared in South China Morning Post.


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