Heartbroken pet owner slams vet practice after retrieving his dog’s ashes from the wrong urn.


A HEARTBROKE pet owner has slammed a vet’s practice after retrieving his dog’s ashes from the wrong urn.

Barry Shaw, 42, has slammed Ivy Vets for what he says is “a complete lack of compassion” for the treatment he received following the loss of his devoted companion Cooper.

He claims he was upset when a member of staff allegedly told him ‘the whippets feel this the most’ when the 14-year-old was ready to be put to sleep – before saying staff then told him to decant the remains of Cooper himself between the ballot boxes.

Mr Shaw says he was then told he was no longer welcome at the West Kilbride practice when he complained.

He was forced to make the difficult decision to have his pet euthanized because of a tumor in his leg that had quadrupled in size.

Mr Smith says he was stunned when a member of staff told him ‘you know whippets feel that the most of any animal’.

Barry, who lives with husband Stuart, 42, in the new Hope Homes development in Seamill, said: “It was a horrific end of life for my dog ​​and traumatic for me, especially after what has been said. I couldn’t go back to that room where I said goodbye to Cooper forever.

“Ivy Vets then gave me the ashes in an incorrect urn, and of course I complained.

“They told me to come to the scene to collect the new box and told me that I would have to decant the ashes myself. It was too much for me, so I had to leave Cooper in the rectangular box that I they gave me, not the little square the one that allows you to place a picture of your much missed pet, which was the one I had paid for.

“Given that I had spent the better part of £400 to do good for my boy who had been with me through thick and thin, I expected we would both be treated with dignity and respect. At the Instead, I got a letter this week saying they don’t want my stuff anymore – it’s terrible.

“It just reminded me of the whole experience.

“From start to finish, they showed no empathy. Their conduct was callous and cold.”

Barry explained that on the day Cooper was supposed to be asleep, he was given a piece of paper with the cremation urns to choose from.

He said: “When I complained they said I gave them the wrong code, but there was no code on the documentation that I could see.

“I told them that I hadn’t given them a code and that I had given them a brief description of what I wanted.

“I formalized the complaint and said I understood mistakes could happen, but that was wrong and perhaps staff training needed to be addressed.

“I would expect a level of service, respect and empathy to be shown when a veterinary practice is caring for a pet in the last stage of its life.”

The Ivy Vets spokesperson said: “We have read our customer’s comments but they do not match our staff’s recollection.

“Our receptionist called Mr Shaw to let him know we had found the specific urn for the ashes he wanted – he told us he would be bringing his pet’s ashes back to the surgery. We are really sorry the wrong ballot box was ordered and we offered to transfer We have taken steps to ensure that this error does not happen again.

“The attending vet remembers explaining to Mr Shaw that whippets have sensitive skin, while discussing the reasons for sedating pets in these difficult times. This was to make Cooper as comfortable as possible and we We’re sorry if this comment caused any anger, as that was certainly never our intention.

“At Ivybank we value the quality of service we provide. Extensive training programs are offered to all staff and we work with animal welfare at the forefront of our minds. Our staff are caring, knowledgeable professionals We appreciate and encourage customer feedback, particularly if a customer feels disappointed Feedback allows us to address concerns that have been brought to our attention and allows us to move forward in trying to prevent the same problems from occurring again. do not reproduce.

“However, while we do our best to provide support in difficult times, this does not excuse abusive and inappropriate behavior towards our staff. Following Mr Shaw’s unfortunate approach to several members of our team, after much deliberation – and with regret – we have made the decision to ask Mr. Shaw to find another firm.”


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