Kangaroo spotted in Michigan after escaping pet owner’s home


Sara Greer couldn’t believe what she saw – a kangaroo, right in her yard.

“Just walk down the aisle – no walk – jump down the aisle, and it would eat something. Sara lives in southern Lapeer County, away from the backcountry.

“We have nothing but wildlife, farm animals and cows,” she said.

His first instinct on Tuesday afternoon was to call 911.

“I say I’m located in southern Lapeer County and there’s a pause and she responds ‘Ma’am, are you sure that’s a kangaroo? and I said yes I’m sure!”

A confused dispatcher turned this one over to Lapeer County Animal Control.

“You could tell he was lost, he wanted to go home,” Greer said.

She later discovered that the kangaroo’s name was Douglas – and before he got home, he walked through a graveyard.

Sara spoke to the owner of Douglas after his videos went viral. On Wednesday, she learned he had a license to keep exotic animals and was finally able to arrest Douglas shortly after he escaped.

“As long as you have a license or permit, I guess you can have a kangaroo,” she said.

Without this photographic evidence – it would have been difficult for Sara to convince anyone…this actually happened, let alone her husband.

“Now I’m trying to convince him not to take another dog but a kangaroo,” she joked.

Sara says these are the best 15 minutes of her life.

“The way the world is today makes you smile,” she said.


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