Kilmarnock pet owner ‘traumatized’ after chihuahua ravaged by pack of ‘mastiff’ dogs


A Kilmarnock pet owner has been ‘traumatized’ after his little chihuahua was run wild by three dogs on a walk.

Kevin Skilling’s boyfriend was walking their chihuahua Luna, three, and Jack Russel Dash, five months, at New Farm Loch around 3:30 p.m. Tuesday when the incident happened.

Within seconds, the daily dog ​​walk turned into a living nightmare after three dogs – believed to be bullmastiffs – pounced on the trio.

Speaking to the Daily Record, Kevin said: “As my partner walked, three big bullmastiffs came out of the field and went to attack my little Jack Russel.

Luna and Dash before the attack

“The dogs had jumped into my partner’s arms and he managed to push Dash over a fence in an old schoolhouse. But, as happened, one of the dogs grabbed my chihuahua by the hind legs. and snatched her from his arms and dragged her across the street.

“My partner was trying to distract the dogs and Luna managed to get under a car to get away from them.

“During everything that was going on, my partner was trying to scare the dog and one of the owners came out to try to restrain him. But he had never had any equipment with him and there were three big dogs, so that wasn’t really helping the situation. “

The incident took place at Newfarm Loch in Kilmarnock

Kevin, who works for the government, was alerted to the attack when two local youths showed up at his door with Dash.

After trying to phone his partner, he went to investigate.

“I tried calling my partner and knew something was wrong,” Kevin added. “I went where I knew he was going to walk the dogs and there was screaming and neighbors were outside.

“I was trying to get information, thinking it was my partner who had been attacked. Then I saw him and he was holding Luna and they were both covered in blood.

“We went straight to my aunt’s house in Livingstone Court just to get to safety.

“He was so terrified that they killed her because of the condition she was in,” he said.

The three-pound chihuahua, who was “in shock,” was losing blood from several bites on his body.

A neighbor rushed Kevin and Luna to their vets for an initial assessment.

Kevin added: “They could see the injuries on the surface but didn’t know how deep they were at the start.

“They also thought she broke her leg because she wouldn’t put weight on it.

“The vet said she was very lucky to be alive as she was attacked by three large dogs.”

Little Luna was taken to a vet overnight for further investigation.

X-rays revealed that she had not broken her leg, but the dogs had pierced her abdominal tract and crushed her uterus.

Kevin whose dog was attacked
Kevin doesn’t want this to happen to someone else

The three-year-old puppy underwent surgery on Tuesday night to remove the contamination and make sure no other vital organs had been damaged.

Vets have also told Kevin that his beloved dog will need to have the womb removed at a later date.

Kevin’s partner also needed a tetanus shot in the hospital and was given a series of antibiotics for the hand bites suffered in the horrific incident.

The 28-year-old continued: “I want to raise awareness, he’s my little dog, this incident shouldn’t have happened.

“I think it was an accident, but this accident forced me to shell out over £ 3,000 in vet bills and it’s just the start.

“Fortunately she is insured but it will last a lifetime, the vet said she would need check-ups and need another surgery.”

Luna's injuries
Luna’s abdominal tract was pierced by dogs

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Kevin was left with a new fear of dogs after the attack and is heartbroken by the impact it will have on Luna and Dash.

He added: “It’s just me and my partner, dogs are basically like our kids and we treat them like that. So it was so upsetting and my partner is very traumatized by it all.

“We have Dash here but we don’t even want to leave our house. He’s petrified at the very thought of leaving the front door and we don’t want another situation like this.

“We’re going to have to come up with a plan to get the dogs out. “

Kevin and his partner had never seen the dogs that attacked them before, but believe they escaped from a house.

Luna's injuries
Luna will need to have her womb removed

He added: “It’s tragic that it happened to my dog, but can you imagine that it happened to a five year old and those dogs were out there unattended?

“And the way these dogs attacked my partner, if they had hit him in the face or in the throat, he could be badly injured, or worse yet, he could be dead.”

Police confirmed that investigations into the incident were still ongoing.

A Scottish Police spokesperson said: “We have received a report that a dog was attacked by three other dogs on Livingstone Court in Kilmarnock at around 3:25 pm on Tuesday 12 October 2021. Investigations into the incident are In progress.”

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