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After months of consultation, changes to the way the City of Winnipeg protects and manages pets within city limits are finally before the committee.

The Protection, Community Services and Parks Committee will meet on Friday to discuss the many proposed changes to the Responsible Pet Ownership Regulations that directors say “will provide a more contemporary approach to animal / pet ownership in Winnipeg with a focus on both public safety and animal welfare.”

Some of the proposed changes include breeding permits for those who sell or donate cats or dogs, giving shelters the power to spay or neuter unauthorized stray animals before they are returned to an owner, and not allowing no animals in vehicles if the temperature is above 22 ° C or colder. than -10C.

New standards will also be developed and applied for dog day care operations.

Read the full list of proposed changes below:

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“While some groups, such as breeders, dog day care centers and owners of intact pets, at-risk animals or dangerous dogs, will be affected by new restrictions, these proposed changes are necessary to ensure that these groups act responsibly and to protect the safety of the public and the welfare of the animals in their care, ”said the directors.

New fines have also been proposed, including a fine of $ 500 for breeders caught without a license.

City of Winnipeg.

City of Winnipeg

One change not included in the proposed bylaw changes is the rescinding of the current ban on pit bulls within city limits.

Support for removing the ban on banned dogs was high, according to the report due on Friday, but the authors said more research is needed.

“Further research on breed-specific legislation will take place before any updates to the bylaw are recommended to city council. “

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Pit bull owner Jerome Reimer told 680 CJOB in August that he has had four pit bulls in the past 40 years and they are fantastic pets.

“We’ve never had a single problem with our dogs,” said Reimer, who lives outside of town.

“These are just our pets, they live in our house like a labrador or a golden retriever. They are wonderful pets with anyone they meet.

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City plans to scrap pit bull legislation amid changes to pet ownership regulations

Leland Gordon, the city’s director of animal services, said in August that Winnipeg is lagging behind other jurisdictions when it comes to updating its policy on breed-specific legislation.

“Winnipeg has had a pit bull ban – we call it the no dog ban – since 1990,” Gordon said.

“Winnipeg and the province of Ontario are the last major jurisdictions in Canada to have this ban. So as part of that, our idea is that instead of judging the dog by its appearance, we are holding the owners more responsible for responsible possession of the animal.

Gordon said the idea was to remove the ban, but also to strengthen the regulation so that all dog owners – regardless of the dog’s breed – are more responsible pet owners, allowing them to own all of them. kinds of dogs safe in the community.

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If the committee adopts the recommendations, it will then travel to the Executive Policy Committee and then to City Council later this month.

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