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An online petition has been started to allow Saipan Cares for Animals to temporarily stay at its current location in As Gonno.

As of 3.12pm on Sunday, 2,430 people had signed the petition urging the Commonwealth Zoning Board to reconsider its decision to deny SCA’s request for an extension.

The SCA, according to its director, Elizabeth Pliscou, has been informed by the zoning office that the clinic does not comply with the regulations “and as such must be closed or relocated”.

With the zoning board’s decision to deny SCA’s request for an extension, the animal shelter must cease all operations by January 31, 2022.

“SCA cannot afford even a temporary disruption of services and it is likely that they would have to close permanently,” her petition said.

“SCA now faces the prospect of finding homes for the more than 150 animals in its care, or the horrific prospect of being forced to euthanize those who could not be rehomed,” adds the petition.

Michaela Guiang, one of those who signed the petition, said, “I’m signing this petition because SCA really cares about animals in need.

Daphne Agulto from Guam, who also signed the petition, commented, “It just makes sense to support the only animal sanctuary on this island. They really go out of their way for these poor animals and they also do their best to keep strays off the streets. It’s not all the animals in Saipan, but they do what they can if only they had a bigger place and more donations for their amazing organization, not to mention it’s a non-profit organization. lucrative. If the government can give $500 to each tourist why can’t they lend a hand and help SCA? I don’t see any logical reason why they can’t help. These animals also don’t deserve to be euthanized, so can we just have a heart and let them keep the animals there for now until their new place is opened? [Because] from what i heard the zoning is also delaying the new location and for what?

SCA’s petition stated that it was currently working on signing a lease at a new location.

“However, this land is not developed at all and will need to be razed and cleared before we can even start thinking about fencing, kennels or building a new clinic with electricity, water and sewage. Once the lease is signed, SCA hopes to be able to accomplish all of this within six months. This is due almost entirely to donations of time, services and funds from supporters,” the petition states.

He added: “Every month, SCA saves hundreds of lives and pet owners have no other option for care at CNMI. SCA’s goal is to provide a public service that is accessible to all. The only way they have been able to achieve this goal over the past five years at this clinic is due to the significant support and ongoing contributions from the CNMI community.

Variety was unable to get comment from the zoning board.


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