Pet owner receives mixed reactions after revealing why she dyes her dog bright red


A pet owner has received mixed reactions after explaining in a series of TikTok videos why she dyes her dog’s fur bright red.

Chloe, who goes by @danthebigreddog on TikTok, has dedicated her account to her 130-pound Great Pyrenees Dandy, which appears in almost all of her videos with all-red fur.

In a video series titled, “Reasons I Dye My Dog Red,” the TikToker shared the thought process behind the animal’s unnatural coloring, with Chloe explaining in the first video, released in November, that she colors her dog for many reasons, with the first being that “he looks so adorable in red”.

According to Chloe, she also colors her dog’s fur to deter potential pet thieves, as she claimed it was “to prevent it from being stolen” as it is a “breed. rare “in its region.

The third reason Chloe gave her followers had to do with how much fun she gets from the process, with the TikToker claiming it’s “so much fun” to dye the dog and that Dandy, who is featured lounging on the grass throughout the video, “really appreciates the extra friction during the process.”

Chloe also claimed that the “vegan products” she uses to achieve the color make her dog’s fur “shiny and soft”, before revealing that she also wanted to make the big dog “more accessible” by giving her a shiny fur.

“Dan loves people and kids, but he weighs 130 pounds so people would be afraid of him,” she wrote in the video. “Now people are no longer afraid of him! They just smile and ask to pay attention to him. He loves it.

In the second video in the series, Chloe revealed that the animal’s dye job was originally a Halloween costume, but that she loved it so much that she decided to keep it. In the clip, she also acknowledged that one of the reasons she changed her pet’s natural color was “to get attention”, as she claimed that Dandy “pets and the love of his fans ”, before continuing with his third reason, which was to make people“ smile ”.

According to Chloe, the dog’s dyed fur also allows her to “educate others on safe pet dyeing practices,” before concluding the clip with the final reason: “Because we can.”

In a third video on the subject, which has been viewed over 25 million times on TikTok, Chloe shared additional reasons why she colors her dog’s fur, with the TikToker saying the bright color means Dandy is less susceptible. being hit by a car or being in an accident.

Chloe also used the most recent video to reiterate some of her previously shared reasons, such as her claim that Dandy’s coloring means he’s “less likely to be stolen” and that the dye job makes people who meet the happy dog.

In the comments, viewers were divided, with some TikTok users finding the dog’s coloring funny, while others criticized Chloe’s attitude towards her pet and expressed concern about the safety of the products.

Most of the positive reactions to Dandy’s dyed fur centered on his resemblance to Clifford the big red dog, with one person writing: “You forgot [reason] six. Six: He looks like everyone’s favorite comfort dog. “

“MINI CLIFFORD MINI CLIFFORD,” someone else wrote, while another begged Chloe to “please tell me his name is Clifford”.

However, the videos also raised concerns about the dye, with many people wondering if the ingredients are safe for the dog’s skin and fur, and if they can be used for the long term.

“Is it safe to use so much dye all the time?” One person asked. “Because it could hurt her skin and her hair.” “

Another said: “It is bad for his skin over time.”

In response to the comment, Chloe disagreed, with the TikToker saying the dye she uses is “a cruelty-free vegan pet dye, formulated specifically for grooming your pet.”

In another comment, she revealed that she uses Opawz dye products and wouldn’t have considered coloring Dandy’s hair if she hadn’t found the mark.

According to the Opawz website, she creates a line of animal dyes, with “long-lasting permanent color specially formulated for dogs and horses.”

In the frequently asked questions section of the website, it is stated that the products are vegan and cruelty-free. The website notes, however, that coat colors are for external use only and owners should closely monitor their dogs if they ingest the product.

“Sometimes they throw up and everything will be fine afterwards. If you notice any discomfort or an allergic reaction, take your dog to the vet immediately, especially if he has any existing health issues, ”the website says.

As for how often the stains are used, the website states that permanent stains “last at least six months, so we recommend dyeing two to three times a year to maintain color.”

“However, there are no specific time interval requirements for dyeing a dog,” the company adds.

While Chloe has claimed the dyes are safe to use, others still criticized her decision to color the dog at all, with one viewer writing, “Even though it’s harmless, pets are not toys on. which to paint. And the whole argument to keep him safe from theft… you could have just painted his tail.

“It’s so unnecessary,” someone else added.

In response to criticism, others have defended the owner of the animal on the grounds that there was “no real problem” as long as the dog was safe.

“As long as it doesn’t damage his fur and the dog’s cold, there is no real problem,” one person said, while another said: “You all realize the dog is getting away with it. mock. “

The brightly colored animal seems to have started a trend as well, as another TikTok user with the username @isabeastly recently posted a video showing the aftermath of their attempt to color their dog’s fur.

“I saw a girl dye her dog on TikTok and have wanted to dye my dog ​​for a while,” they captioned the video, showing the dye covering their white walls, floors and tubs. “OMG my landlord is going to take my deposit. Help me!”

The clip, which includes a preview of TikToker’s dog after it was dyed bright red and orange, also drew similar criticism, with one person writing, “People do anything, that poor dog.”

“So I mean do that to a dog,” someone else said.

According to animal supply company Petco, coloring a dog’s fur is okay as long as it is done using a “dog friendly hair dye.”

However, the company warns that pet owners should “never use human hair dye on your dog” as it “can be toxic if they lick their fur and contain chemicals that could damage their skin.”

Petco also warns owners not to use dog dye if their dog has sensitive skin and to “consult a veterinarian for the best advice on the health and welfare of your pet.”

The independent contacted Chloe and @isabeastly for comment.


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