Police search for men after puppy attacked by larger dogs


Police are looking for two men who were with dogs who attacked a puppy.

A man was walking Rocco, his seven-month-old Border Collie Bull Staffy, around noon last Wednesday near the top of Y Graig Hill, Pontypridd, when the puppy was repeatedly bitten by two adult dogs and left with deep gashes, he told WalesOnline last week.

Now South Wales Police say they want to track down the men who were with the adult dogs who were “responsible for the attack”.

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A force spokesperson said: “One of the men was described as being in his thirties with a slim build and gray hair. The other man is said to be younger with black hair. They were walking three dogs at then – two adults and a puppy. The dogs were described as being of an American Bully type breed, which were all white and blue-gray in color. “

Rocco’s owner, who does not want to be named, called the attack on his dog “horrible”, adding: “I thought my dog ​​was going to die”.

Injury to Rocco

The 47-year-old, a risk assessor for a bank, did not have his puppy on a leash at the time because he had thrown a ball for the dog, playing fetch in an open field.

“People associate Staffies with aggression, but he’s just a puppy and he’s really playful,” he said, adding that he then encountered two men walking with three dogs, which he said him, were American Bullies.

“Two of their dogs were adults and one was a puppy. One of the adult dogs had his ears cut off. As soon as I saw this dog and saw that he was free, I knew that he was going to attack my dog, ”he said. noted.

“Without warning, the two adult dogs threw themselves at Rocco. That’s the only way I can describe it. My dog ​​was badly bitten for 20 or 30 seconds. The two men didn’t say anything. They were giving kicking their dogs but that’s all they did. It was maybe the worst thing they could have done. If I was in their situation my instinct would have been to grab my dog and grab his jaw.

Injury to Rocco
Injury to Rocco

“My dog ​​was getting bitten around the harness, around his right leg and right shoulder. Almost instinctively, I grabbed one of the other dogs and threw him about a yard. surprise the dogs and make them back away. Only then were they restrained by the owners. “

Rocco’s owner described himself as being in shock as his dog was “in distress and really scared”. He thinks Rocco would have died if he hadn’t intervened.

“It’s like when a dog loves a child a little bit, and there’s that connection,” he said. “You jump in and you don’t think about yourself at the time. One of the two men said my dog ​​ran and that’s why their dogs attacked him. I explained to them that he was just a puppy. “

Explaining why he left the scene without getting details of the two men, the owner of Rocco said: “You have to remember there were two men with American Bullies who were barking and running and straining on the leash. while I have a puppy in distress. If you were faced with this, how would you feel? It could be Mike Tyson, I don’t think anyone would respond. “

Injury to Rocco
Injury to Rocco

As he walked home, he noticed that Rocco was “barking” in distress. He pulled the harness and saw that there were bites on the dog’s right shoulder and right leg.

He took Rocco home and called Valley Vet Surgery, who provided him with antibiotics and anti-inflammatories. The dog had to be operated on for the cut in the leg.

“The day it happened he was whimpering all day,” said the owner. “Now he’s settled in but he’s still a little nervous and overreacts if he hears a bang, which he wouldn’t have done before.”

South Wales Police are urging the two men with the adult dogs to contact with force, as well as anyone who thinks they know the men. The force can be called up on 101 and the reference * 004477 must be quoted.

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