Rover breaks down what it costs to own a pet in 2022


We already know it can be expensive to own a dog, but overall the costs are much lower than having a human child. But how much does it cost to own a pet? Rover has the answer!

In a new press email we received on behalf of the Rover Real Cost of Pet Parenting Report for 2022, we got to see how much owning a pet can cost us. But that’s not all the information they shared in terms of being a dog parent.

With data collected from over 1,000 pet owners in the United States, Rover was able to gather insights into the realities versus expectations of being a pet parent, the impact of inflation on the cost of being a pet parent, and even how specific breeds may cost more or less than others. Basically, if it revolves around the cost of being a dog parent, they’ve got us covered in this report.

What did Rover discover about the cost of pet parenting?

Rover releases 2022 true cost of pet parenting report

Let’s first look at reality versus expectations. According to Rover, it seems most pet owners only expected to spend around $500 on their pets. However, the reality is that the average initial cost for our pets can be between $1,050 and $4,480! (Seriously, that’s a crazy difference.)

From adoption fees to things you might need as a pet’s first parent, the list of things you’ll spend money on seems almost endless. (Remember, they need vaccines, shots, and other stuff!) And that’s why instead of $500, some pet owners hit the $4,480 mark in terms of initial cost to bring an animal home.

Next, let’s look at how inflation is affecting pet owners, or at least what they say they’re noticing right now. Apparently,

71% of dog parents say they have noticed an increase in pet costs due to inflation. Another 73% said they were concerned about the continued increase in costs over the life of their pet.

And given how easy it is to see rising costs in all areas (whether we’re talking about groceries, clothes, and things to do), we’re not surprised that parents Pets are also noticing increases when it comes to their furry (or not-so-furry) kids.

But perhaps one of the most interesting details shared by this report is the fact that pet parents choose pets over babies. Specifically, the determined that,

10% of pet owners choose to bring home a dog over having a child because of the lower total cost. This is especially true for Gen Z (23%) and Millennials (22%).


Rover releases 2022 true cost of pet parenting report

And of course, we can’t help but point out that some breeds will cost more than others. In the report, Dr. Rebecca Greenstein, B.Sc., DVM, shared her own thoughts on how a dog’s breed can impact its cost. As she put it, “In its simplest form, it could be a matter of size, and size is a huge determining factor in cost. Medicines are dosed according to body weight, for example.

Topping the list of the most expensive breeds, it seems the Golden Retriever takes the crown (and your money), for average monthly expenses. At the next level of expensive breeds we have the German Shepherd, Australian Shepherd, Goldendoodle, and Pit Bull. Just below, in a separate floor, we have the Labrador Retriever.


Rover releases 2022 true cost of pet parenting report

Now, while they didn’t cover all breeds exactly, it’s still a great cross section of some very popular breeds. And it’s a reminder that sometimes even the most popular puppy breed can be expensive.

So when it comes to planning that next pup or even that first pup, it may make more sense to consider whether the pup you want will end up having a big monthly price tag as well.

What do you think dog lover friends? Are you surprised by the cost of being a pet parent? Does any of this information surprise you? We want to know.


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