Run Sweetheart Run (2022) ending explained


Run Sweetheart Run Ending Explained

Run Sweetheart Run is currently available to watch on Prime Video and is well worth a watch if you want to see a film with twists and turns that aren’t easy to predict.

The film centers on Cherie, a young law student who is denied a professional promotion by her sexist boss, James R Fuller. Rather than defending clients, she is forced to perform secretarial duties instead, but after being accused by James of scheduling a meeting with a client at the same time as her birthday dinner, James tells her given the opportunity to meet the client.

The client’s name is Ethan Sacks and at first glance he appears to be very sweet and charming. But during his dinner date with him, he shows his aggressive side when a dog suddenly starts barking at him. He is clearly afraid of the dog and he tells Cherie that his fear stems from a childhood incident where he was bitten by a dog. It’s a lie, but Cherie has more to worry about than this misrepresentation of the truth when her whole identity is later revealed to be fake (which the dog can smell).

It doesn’t take long for Cherie’s life to be endangered by this seemingly inauspicious man.

So who is Ethan? And why does he want to hurt Cherie? Let’s take a closer look at the film:

What happens after the dinner meeting?

The evening passes quite pleasantly, despite the barking of the dog. Cherie and Ethan have dinner and then spend a few more hours enjoying each other’s company.

During their time together, Cherie notices that Ethan’s phone alarm is set to 5:25. This may seem insignificant, but later in the film we learn more about the importance of this.

At the end of the evening, Ethan invites Cherie to his house for a drink. She is unsure about getting in at first as she has a child at home to take care of, but since her daughter is with the babysitter, she eventually accepts his offer. Bad move!

As members of the public, we don’t see what happens after he enters the house as Ethan raises his hand to the camera as if barring us entry, before closing the front door for us. .

For a few seconds, everything is quiet, but then we hear sounds suggesting that Cherie might be in trouble. Moments later, she emerges from the house, looking terrified and disheveled. It’s clear that Ethan attacked her and to escape further damage, Cherie flees into the night.

After roaming the streets of Los Angeles looking for help, she comes across two ladies and asks to use one of their phones so she can call 911. The women don’t seem to take her pleas for help seriously. , but one of them calls the police. in his name. When the police arrive, Cherie is taken to the police station and presumably she is now safe.

Unfortunately, Cherie’s troubles are far from over.

What’s going on at the police station?

Instead of taking a statement from Cherie and giving her protection, the police officer in charge doesn’t believe her story and arrests her for public intoxication. He locks her in a cell with another woman who initially offers some comfort to the traumatized Cherie.

But when Cherie recounts the events of the night to her cellmate, the woman she is talking to realizes that the same thing has happened to a friend of hers. We learn that this friend also met Ethan and shortly after, she was found dead.

The woman gets scared and tells Cherie that she is a “marked woman”. To escape Ethan, Cherie learns that she must meet the “First Lady”. She also tells him that Ethan “controls men”.

What does the woman mean by that? We don’t get an answer at this point and neither does Cherie, as the woman is released from the cell soon after.

Shortly after, Ethan shows up at the cell and he is allowed in by a police officer who is presumably under his control.

Ethan tells him he wants to play a game. Unfortunately, he doesn’t pull out a Monopoly board or a card game. He wants to play another type of game where he chases Cherie all night. He tells her that he will let her go if she manages to survive until sunrise.

Naturally, Cherie doesn’t want to play this game but he forces her to. To make things fair, he gives her a head start.

What does Cherie do next?

The hunt is on and after getting into a taxi, Cherie asks to be driven to her boss’s house.

Upon arrival, James warmly greets Cherie and assures her that she will be safe. He asks his wife Judy to make Cherie some tea, which she does while Cherie showers and puts on new clothes.

After freshening up, Cherie checks James’ computer and finds that his boss had set up meetings between Ethan and some of the other women who worked at the law firm. It becomes clear that the scheduling conflict was a lie and that James intended to hurt Cherie and her female colleagues by arranging meetings between them and this supposed psychopath.

Luckily, Judy isn’t in cahoots with her husband or Ethan, and she gives Cherie information that could save her life. She warns him that Ethan can smell her and that she should keep clean as best she can so as not to give off her scent.

Since Cherie is on her period, this is something that proves difficult for Cherie throughout the film as Ethan can smell her blood.

After hearing Judy’s warning, Cherie then runs away from James’ house.

Does Cherie find safety?

After leaving James’ house, Cherie calls her ex-boyfriend Trey for help, and he takes her home where Dawn, his last girlfriend, is initially unhappy to see her.

But after Dawn realizes Cherie is in trouble, she becomes much more accommodating. Cherie showers again while Trey goes out to buy her tampons.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long before Ethan shows up at the door. Dawn and her friends arm themselves to prepare for battle, but they are no match for him. We hear gunshots and screams and even though we can’t see what’s going on, it’s clear that Ethan has the upper hand. Shortly after, Cherie and we make a shocking discovery: Ethan has killed everyone!

Cherie then comes face to face with Ethan again but before he can hurt her, Trey arrives with the tampons. He steps forward to confront Ethan but before he can throw a punch, Ethan bites his throat and rips his head off.

At this point, it becomes clear to us and Cherie that Ethan is far from human!

What is Ethan?

Cherie runs for her life again and after another encounter with Ethan, where he gets hit by a car, she heads to a local church and asks a priest for a cross and holy water. She wants to use them against Ethan because she recognizes he might be a demon.

Unfortunately, the priest is of no help, as it turns out the person Cherie had been talking to was Ethan in the form of the priest who was lying unconscious a few feet away.

Cherie asks Ethan to reveal his true identity, which he quickly does, though we can’t see the supernatural being he transforms into. Cherie is suitably terrified by what she sees but before the beast can kill her, the priest wakes up and stabs her in the back. He then points Cherie to a nearby escape hatch which, for some inexplicable reason, leads to a nightclub. Maybe the priest was inclined to party!

At the club, Cherie is able to steal clothes and a phone. She uses the phone to call the First Lady, whose number she finds on a poster of a missing woman.

She then heads to the location of the First Lady – the Grand Spa – and it is here that Cherie learns more about the First Lady and Ethan.

The First Lady reveals that she is the “First Angel” and is on a mission to hunt down Ethan, a corrupt angel-turned-demon who was sent to Earth to guide humanity and maintain order. But for him, it meant giving men power over women. This gives us clues to Ethan’s actions because, in this feminist era, he probably felt he had to weed out any woman who didn’t “know her place” in the world. It’s likely he was summoned by James, Cherie’s boss, when she tried to ‘rise above the job’ in a bid to advance in her career.

After learning this information, Cherie is asked by the First Lady to take Ethan down. She tells Cherie that the best time to do it is at sunrise because Ethan is sensitive to sunlight. Sunrise time is 5:25 a.m., when Ethan had set his alarm, probably so he would know it was time to seek shelter.

Will Cherie defeat Ethan?

Cherie goes to the harbor amusement park and injures herself so Ethan can smell her blood and be lured to her location.

Ethan shows up and after a confrontation with Cherie, he knocks her out by smashing her into a mirror. When she wakes up, she realizes that she has been pinned against a wall. Ethan tells her that his goal is to keep girls like her in their place.

Cherie feigns defeat and this prompts Ethan to release her. He quickly tries to lay down with her, presumably to have sex, but when her phone alarm goes off, she grabs a nearby stone and throws it through the glass wall.

This brings sunlight into the room. The First Lady and her followers also throw rocks at the glass from the outside, causing new openings in the wall to open to let in more sunlight.

As expected, Ethan is injured by the sun’s rays and he begins to bleed black blood. Cherie sets the blood on fire and Ethan is then engulfed in flames.

Shortly after, Ethan is reduced to dust and Cherie becomes the victor!

What is the meaning of the film?

On the surface, the film is an effective horror-thriller about a woman’s attempt to take down a demon.

But beneath the surface, the film is about men’s attempt to keep women “in their place.”

The message is clear: women must not be silenced. Throughout the film, Cherie became another victim of our misogynistic society, but in the end, she stood up to the patriarchy symbolized by Ethan.

As such, it’s more than just a horror movie. It is an encouragement for all women to fight for equality and a reminder to men that they are not the dominant species on this planet.

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