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Happy Stephen King’s Day!

Stephen King means a lot to us here at Dread Central. Of course, we cover his every move because the fans demand it. But we also do it because we are fans ourselves. In honor of today, King’s birthday, we’ve put together the ultimate digital streaming guide to all things King. Below, you can find all of the Stephen King properties available to stream in the United States. We’ve kept the list broad, however, it excludes interviews (sorry to horror story).

Without further ado, here are all the Stephen King titles available to stream online, starting September 21, 2022.


Netflix has carved out an interesting niche for itself in King’s online streaming landscape. Starting with Gerald’s game, Netflix has made a series of direct-to-streaming prestige adaptations of Stephen King short stories. Other titles include 1922 and In the tall grass. Their next Stephen King adaptation is the Blumhouse collaboration of Mr. Harrigan’s phone. All titles include:

It: Chapter 1
Gerald’s game
In the tall grass


Amazon’s streaming offerings in the Kingdom are certainly not the cream of the crop, but definitely a fun selection nonetheless. Maybe a Carrie double duty might be a good time one of these days. Too bad they don’t have the 2002 addition of Bryan Fuller to the Carrie verse. All King titles on the streamer include:

Corn Children
Spooky Show II
Fire starter


The only Stephen King property streaming on Apple TV+ is the self-written Uneven adaptation of Lisey’s story. Julianne Moore’s lead performance makes this limited series worth watching.


An exciting recent addition to the Hulu King canon is his Totally Original 1999 miniseries Storm of the Century. King has repeatedly cited it as his favorite from his miniseries. Really worth the watch. All King titles on Hulu include:

Storm of the Century
stone castle


And arguably the premier home of online Stephen King streaming selections is HBOMax. Not only do they have a host of diverse Master of Horror stories, but the titles themselves are generally all top notch. Of the brilliant at The green Line, HBOMax is home to some of the best King has to offer. All streaming King titles include:

the brilliant (1980)
It: Chapter 1
It: Chapter 2
The dead zone
Stephen King’s Computing
A return to the Salem lot
The Shawshank Redemption
The green Line
Dolores Claiborne
half dark
cat eye


What would we do without Shudder? The house of the excellent horror show TV series is also host to a number of other classics. All titles include:

Carrie (1976)
Corn Children
Spooky Show II
horror show
(TV series)
Salem Bundle


Besides the two Fire starter interpretations, Peacock is also home to the underrated series adaptation of Mr Mercedes. All titles include:

Fire starter (2022)
Fire starter: revived
A good marriage
Mr Mercedes


under the dome had a pretty fantastic first season. Although it may have been overshadowed by The Simpsons Movie, it’s always worth checking out. All titles on Paramount+:

Carrie (2013)
The stall (2020)
under the dome


Screambox has made a name for itself in the King documentary landscape. If you haven’t seen Pennywise: The History of Computing again, give it a spin. Movies include:

Pennywise: The History of Computing
Unearthed and Unknown: The Path to Pet Sematary


Ah, good old reliable Tubi. We appreciate you. Check out the wacky and long list of free King properties to stream on the platform right now. A personal favorite on the list is Mick Garris’ tragic take on ride the ball.

Corn Children
Corn Children: Genesis
Spooky Show II
The dead zone
Fire starter: revived
A good marriage
ride the ball
Sometimes they come back
Unearth and Untold: The Path to Pet Sematary

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