Stirling pet owner pleads to find missing parrot from town house


A pet owner from Stirling is desperate to find his parrot who has gone missing from his house in town.

Paul Midgley is hoping to reunite with Chick, the green-cheeked conure that took off from his home in Albert Place on the evening of Monday, September 6.

Paul has two parrots – Chick and Loki – both of which are free-flying and can regularly be seen flying in Paul’s Back Garden, Kings Park and the King’s Knot in Stirling.

The 8 month old female bird was flying around the garden when Paul suspects that she was chased and never made it home.

Paul has owned Chick since April this year and she was enjoying her 101st day of free flight when she disappeared.

Paul said: “I have lots of pictures of the adventures we had this summer with her and my other parrot Loki. They have visited many different rural locations and even toured Loch Lomond by kayak.

“They have their own Instagram account that documents their journey.

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“It’s a bit of a mystery why Chick got lost since she is an experienced flyer, and it was her 101st day of free flight. Maybe she was caught by a cat or a hawk or had an accident, but she is a very quick and agile flyer so that would be surprising.

“It’s more likely that someone found her and either decided to keep her or couldn’t reach me. I spread the word through social media, flyer distribution, SSPCA, etc. Chick is a very friendly bird and may have gone to say hello to a stranger.

Owner Paul Midgley is hoping Chick (right) finds Loki

Paul has since printed 300 “missing” posters and distributed them throughout the region and posted appeals on a number of Facebook pages.

He added, “Maybe the Stirling Observer readers could get the word out and help reunite Chick with me, Loki and the rest of our family, who he misses so much.”

Anyone who sees Chick or knows her whereabouts can contact Paul on 07958512483.

It comes just a month after the Observer reported how a parrot owner found his free-flying parrot which went missing from his Gartmore home and was discovered more than 40 miles away in Ayrshire.

Relieved owner Brian Patterson was delighted to find Darby the Derbyan Parakeet who went missing from his home at the Dreamcatcher Cabins site on Station Road.

It was then discovered, to the amazement of its owners, four days later in the town of Dalry in Ayrshire.


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