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With 62% of Australian households owning at least one pet, a new short-term virtual course at TAFE NSW can equip local pet owners with the skills to potentially save their pet’s life in a medical emergency. The TAFE Pet First Aid Statement is a three-hour online webinar that provides crucial tips for responding to a sick or injured animal immediately before taking them to a veterinarian. It comes amid an explosion in pet ownership in Australia during COVID-19, attributed in part to the increased need for companionship during the lockdown. Vets backed the course, saying that just like with humans, a basic knowledge of animal first aid can mean the difference between life and death. “Make no mistake, early intervention could not only save your pet’s life, but maximize the chances of successful medical management and get your loved one home faster,” said Dr Laura Piddington, Director of Coast Animal Health Hospital. “As the warmer months approach, we are experiencing an increasing number of cases of heat stress, tick paralysis and snakebites, often several per day. “Pet first aid would be a great educational tool for all pet owners. We definitely support this TAFE NSW course. Coast Animal Health urged pet owners to contact their vets as soon as possible in the event of a health emergency. and everyone plays a big part in someone’s life. When a pet gets sick it has a ripple effect on its owners and the loss of a pet is always devastating. This course is designed to provide pet owners and people working in the industry with a range of skills that they can use on their animals when they are sick or in an emergency. They will learn how to properly care for a pet, applying ear and eye drops, caring for diabetic pets, proper pet control and how to administer CPR. Knowing what to do from the first few minutes when your pet is injured or ill can be crucial, it is therefore important that all pet owners are properly educated. “



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