Texas pet owner donates $800,000 to animals after death


For most of her life, 84-year-old Beverly Horton has kept pets in her Texas home.

Of course, Horton was married at one point, taught in the Grapevine-Colleyville school district for 20 years, and loved traveling in Europe, skiing, and the beaches of Mexico.

But her passion was her pets, especially Dobermans, Great Danes and cats like her beloved Romeo, whom she adopted from Vine Animal Shelter.

That’s why, before Horton died on March 6, she didn’t hesitate to leave $800,000 in her will to the Grapevine Animal Shelter.

Grapevine town officials accepted the donation last month for food, care and programs.

“There was no doubt in my mind that she would do this,” said Horton’s friend and former student Johnnie Braddock of North Richland Hills when asked about the donation. “She loved animals more than people.”

The donation was the largest in the history of the town of Grapevine.

“We are so honored and incredibly grateful for the future of the Grapevine Animal Shelter and the many animals that Mrs. Horton’s generous donation will benefit for many years to come,” Grapevine Mayor William D. Tate said of the post. of the donation.

Beverly Horton and Rome_fitted.jpeg
Beverly Horton of Grapevine and Romeo, whom she adopted from the Grapevine Animal Shelter. She passed away in March 2022 and donated over $800,000 to the Grapevine Animal Shelter. Courtesy of the City of Grapevine

Born September 14, 1937, in Houston, Horton attended Texas Woman’s University in Denton on a four-year art scholarship.

She married Grapevine native Julien Pierce Horton and moved to Grapevine in 1960, where she lived for 62 years. They built their home on Camelot Drive in Grapevine in 1966.

In the Grapevine-Colleyville School District, Horton taught elementary school, art, physical education, science, and health, and served as a drill team sponsor and basketball coach.

“She was the one who started the drill team at Grapevine,” said Braddock, a 1966 Grapevine High School graduate.

Braddock took Horton’s health course at Grapevine High.

“We separated after I graduated,” Braddock said. “But just 15 years ago I called her and our friendship was back.”

For Horton, that friendship also meant keeping his pets in the house.

Braddock said her friend and former teacher talked about making the donation before her death.

“There was never a doubt,” Braddock said of Horton’s donation. “It was his money, his choice.”

The Mayor of Grapevine will dedicate the Beverly D. Roberts Horton Hall to the animal shelter later this year, acknowledging his gift and naming the hall for Horton to honor his life and career with the Grapevine-Colleyville School District, and his generous endowment. in Grapevine. A permanent exhibition will be unveiled during the dedication.

“There will be lots of pictures of her and her animals,” said Sallie Andrews of Decatur, a Grapevine historic preservation contractor who works on the Beverly Horton Project. “She loved animals so much.”

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