The Hathi Gaon Project Loses Its Identity | Jaipur News

Jaipur: tourism project Hathi Gaon in Jaipur was supposed to be a treat for pachyderms. However, it is about to be threatened as the mahouts of Hathi Gaon are sending their elephants to neighboring Gujarat.
According to sources, in the last three years, 23 elephants which have been the essence of Jaipur’s royal history for centuries, have been moved to Gujarat after seeking permission from the state forest department and six more elephants are in the process of being relocated.
The source said: “A request has been made to move the elephants numbered 88, 97, 10, 44, 109, 105 to Gujarat. Recently, three elephants 91, 94, 113 left Rajasthan. The owners say these animals are medically unfit and will be treated in another state. »
Many mahouts have expressed concern that if the elephant movement continues, it will be a major setback for the government of Rajasthan as the state’s only elephant village in Jaipur which was supposed to be a tourist attraction will end.
The elephant safari, one of the main attractions for foreign tourists in Amer Fort, will fade.
A mahout said: “In a response to an RTI in 2018, the Forest Department gave a list of 113 elephants. Currently, there are less than 84 elephants left.
The wildlife activist claimed that transporting elephants is a violation of Supreme Court standards and must be stopped as soon as possible.
Sangeeta Dogra, an activist, said: “As per Apex Court orders dated 4.6.2016, the state government will not issue any certificate of ownership to any of the persons in possession of elephants who except persons in possession of elephants, shall not transfer the elephants out of the State nor shall they part with the elephants by transfer in any way.The removal of elephants to another State is a contempt to the court.
It is alleged that the Forestry Department issued illegal transit permits as the issue of ownership of the elephants is pending in court.
One stakeholder, Haathi Malik Vikas Samiti, said that in 2016, the forest department registered a complaint against the mahouts for bringing elephants with an illegal transit permit from other states and considered custody of the animals as illegal. Following this, provisional bail was granted to the mahouts by a CJM court in Jaipur. Furthermore, the court only gave temporary custody of the elephants to the mahouts. “Issuing a permit without informing the court is illegal because the question of ownership is pending,” he said.
A senior forestry official who wished not to be named said: “Many mahouts ask permission from time to time to take elephants to other states and it is an ongoing process. But no such transit permit has been issued recently or a medical report has been prepared,”
Mahouts claimed that the Chief Minister and the Minister of Forests and Environment should intervene at the earliest and the migration of elephants should be stopped. Additionally, a policy should be drafted to bail out the remaining mahouts as their income has been seriously affected after foreign tourists cannot come to Amer for elephant rides.
An elephant owner said: ‘The Chief Minister had announced that he would provide Rs 4.20 crore to relieve the owners. The share per elephant was around Rs 4, 42,105. We are still waiting for the final installment.

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