Three Cleaning Tricks Every Pet Owner Should Know


If you share your home with a pet, you’ve probably had some cleaning issues. Whether it’s fun sticking to every surface, a smell of pee that doesn’t quite budge, or a few dirty paw prints where they’re unappreciated, these methods will soon have your home looking and smelling fresh.

Pet hair can end up everywhere, even in rooms where your four-legged friend may never venture. If you’re struggling to pick up stray pet hair on a lint roller, an even better tool is probably in your kitchen. Put on rubber gloves and run them over the affected area. All those pesky hairs will stick to the gloves and you can easily rinse them off with water at the sink. It works great on couch covers, bedding, and rugs — all those fanric surfaces that hair tends to cling to.

messy puddles

Any pet owner will tell you that accidents happen, especially when dealing with a young animal or an aging animal. For dogs and cats in particular, vinegar is excellent for combating those who get soaked in puddles of pee that occur from time to time. Pour the vinegar on the spot as soon as you notice it. This neutralizes ammonia in pet urine, limiting the odor it causes. Then cover the area with baking soda to absorb the remaining moisture. After at least an hour, vacuum the area to restore it to its pre-pee glory. Baking soda is a handy pantry ingredient to keep around if you have pets. In addition to helping clean pee, it also deodorizes. If you notice any upholstery or your carpet smelling dog-like, sprinkle it with baking soda, let it sit for a few minutes, and vacuum it. It captures the smell and you’ll end up with a refreshed room.

dirty paws

Little paws can stalk dirt and mud in your home as they walk through the door. To keep your home clean, treat your pet’s feet as you would treat your own after a walk. When you get home, you probably wipe your shoes on a rug to remove any dirt. Although Fido probably won’t learn this trick, you should put a towel by the door before you leave with your pet so that when you return you can quickly grab him and wipe his paws before he lays. feet in your house. If the muddy part of your walk is a bit far and you think the dirt might be drying by the time you get home, also keep a pot of water by the door to wash those paws down thoroughly. Clean paws will lead to a cleaner home and it’s a lot easier than cleaning mud off your sofa.


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