Toronto police search for identity thief who allegedly escaped with $ 5 million in mortgages


If you’ve ever watched Catch Me If You Can, this actual warning from the Toronto Police Department may sound familiar.

According to TPS, a Toronto man allegedly claimed to be a private mortgage broker while using the identities of others to defraud more than $ 5 million in mortgages since August 2020.

The Toronto Financial Crimes Police Department has released photos of the man and is asking for help in identifying him. He is described as being between 25 and 30 years old, with dark hair and a “slim body”.

According to a Press release, the man’s name was Lucas when he visited several real estate law firms in the GTA. While there, he allegedly set up bogus “lenders, borrowers and businesses to get private mortgages.”

Once he obtained the private mortgages, police said “he then used false identities of real people to place the fraudulent mortgages on the homes of the victims without their knowledge.”

So far, the man has managed to secure more than $ 5 million in mortgages involving several law firms in the GTA.

He is currently wanted for conspiracy to commit an indictable offense, fraud over $ 5,000 and using forgery.

“Investigators advise the public – especially those in the mortgage and legal professions – to carefully examine all identifications and to be vigilant in confirming the identity of individuals in real estate transactions.”

Police are warning those on the ground to be aware of delays, inconsistencies in schedules and appointments, online applications, unknown mortgage broker referrals and urgent matters.


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