Transform magazine: Everland designs the identity of the new French plant-based food start-up – 2022


Scandinavian consumer brand agency, Everland, designed the new brand identity for plant-based food company, La Vie. The design aims to change the perception of meat alternatives and unite vegans and meat lovers.

La Vie needed an illustrative style to reflect its warm yet edgy tone. The brand worked with Everland and Lithuanian artist and illustrator Egle Zvirblytye to create bright and impactful yet humorous designs that would stand out from the competition.

“Meat alternatives are a sea of ​​similarity, building on traditional FMCG packaging conventions. It’s mostly pale meat patties, happy but boring colors, generic plant icons, and then an equally imperceptible brand name involving butchery, plant, alternative or meat,” Carl Johan Larsson, creative director and partner at Everland.

They also created a universe with animal characters and representatives for each type of meat. The first package features Mr. Piggy and the ubiquitous Hooman, reclining on a plate of pasta with bacon.

The colorful illustrations, typeface, and color palette add to La Vie’s mission to celebrate life. The use of two typefaces highlights different aspects of the brand’s personality. The bold and expressive typeface aligns with the illustration style, complements the rounded sans serif typeface, reflecting La Vie’s positive attitude.

“We chose a color palette that celebrates life. Pink is positive and powerful and the dominant color, flirting with the color bacon. Then we add green and red to support the main color and differentiate the products. Finally, black for contrast and boldness. Overall, it gives a cohesive look that makes you smile and energizes you, just like the food itself,” says Larsson.


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