Walmart launches online tool to connect sustainable packaging companies | Article


Walmart has launched the Circular Connector, an online tool designed to bridge the gap between companies looking for more sustainable packaging solutions and the companies that offer them.

The circular connector will be available on for packaging companies to submit their sustainability solutions. The platform’s goal is to accelerate packaging innovation and implementation, enabling procurement teams and brands to find faster solutions to tackle waste in communities and environments.

According to Walmart, solutions submitted by companies must align with its sustainable packaging goals. The distributor is committed to achieving 100% recyclable, reusable or industrially compostable packaging by 2025, as well as 100% renewable energy.

Therefore, each submission will be reviewed against Walmart’s sustainable packaging goals. If the solution aligns with those goals, Walmart says it will be released later this year for public download from its sustainability center and made available to its associates and private label suppliers for review.

Additionally, Walmart has developed a recycling manual that provides examples of materials that are difficult to recycle and that could disqualify innovations from inclusion in the circular connector. This includes metallized films, multilayer materials, PVC or PVDC, EPS or PS, PETG in rigid plastic packaging, colored PET, oxo-degradable materials and biodegradable additives in plastics based on of oil.

The Walmart Recycling Playbook uses the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s definition of recyclability, which it breaks down into two parts: “Is there a practical, large-scale recycling system for this category of packaging, ie a recycling rate of at least 30% for more than 400 million inhabitants? ?’ and ‘Are the different components of the packaging suitable for this recycling system?’. Walmart considers packaging recyclable when it meets many local recyclability requirements and has established collection, sorting, processing and reuse systems.

Ashley Hall, Director of Strategic Programs at Walmart, adds, “We have no time to waste and we need to work together to deliver innovative solutions at scale.

“Companies with reusable, refillable, recyclable and other sustainable packaging solutions, please share your innovations. There are hundreds of companies working towards sustainable packaging goals, just like Walmart, and Circular Connector is another tool in this journey.

“This demonstrates our commitment to making it easier for our customers to make more sustainable choices and businesses to choose sustainable packaging while encouraging innovators and challenging the status quo with solutions that can help us all towards a cleaner future. and more durable. ”

Walmart recently co-led a design working group with Nestlé, working with industry experts, recyclers and plastics associations to develop Golden Design Rules as part of the Design Coalition. action on plastic waste from the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF). The retailer was also a signatory to a statement released by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation last year, expressing public support for the adoption of extended producer responsibility (EPR).


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