What Is the Best Flea and Tick Treatment for Dogs?

Fleas and ticks are some of the most dangerous diseases for dogs. They can harm their health to such an extent that their life could be in danger. For that reason, you always need to find the best flea and tick treatment, even when they are puppies.

In this short article, you should find the best ways to treat flea and tick from your dog’s skin. It would be easy to apply them, and your dog will thank you in its own way!

Apply a medication treatment

Most medications for flea and tick have nitenpyram as the active drug substance. It comes in the form of pills that you may give to your dog with their daily food. These pills get absorbed by your dog’s stomach and are active for at least 24 hours upon consumption.

Apply a medication treatment

The medication will make fleas and ticks die since it enters their metabolism and cut the oxygen from their tissues. However, the same pills are harmless for dogs in the recommended dosages. You should always have your vet examine your dog. He is the only professional capable of prescribing these medications, and you should never give them to your dog by yourself.

Shampoos and collars

Collars are very popular in keeping fleas and ticks away from your dog’s skin. You can make your dogs wear their collars and let them slowly deliver medications to their sensitive skin, infected by fleas and ticks. The most active substances usually present in such collars are imidacloprid and flumethrin, two powerful antibiotics that would never harm your precious friends in normal concentrations.

Flea shampoos are very popular lately. They can fix the dog’s skin pH and balance the presence of natural oils secreted by their glands. These shampoos act protectively against the presence of fleas and ticks. It should be necessary to wash your dog thoroughly and rinse it the right way to remove any visible fleas and ticks from its irritated skin.

Use the old-fashioned flea comb

The flea comb used to be the only way to remove visible fleas and ticks from your dogs several decades ago. Today it may be a good practice, especially for dogs with long hair, to use the flea comb. It would require much of your side’s attention to locating the spots where many fleas and ticks are visible.

Use the old-fashioned flea comb

You always need to disinfect the flea comb with pure alcohol and try to remove all the fleas. It would also be important to have a patient dog that can stand for hours to pass its hair through the flea comb to relieve it from the fleas and tick’s presence.

Clean your home thoroughly

It may not be widely known, but fleas could leave their eggs on your carpets and furniture. These are places where your dog may lean on, and that is why a thorough cleaning using a disinfecting agent would be necessary. Using your vacuum often enough and spraying disinfectants on your carpets would be enough to remove flea eggs and protect your best friends!

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