Why don’t we call Candace Bure’s projects identity politics?


Full house actress Candace Cameron Bure has left her long-term deal with Hallmark Channel to work with the Great American Family (GAF). GAF is a network that she says will “keep traditional marriage at its core” – a whistle for heterosexual and (usually) white couples. Bure’s evangelical faith is no secret and she has, technically, every right to go on her own network and perpetuate whatever unseasoned culture she wishes. But why isn’t it treated as identity politics?

Identity politics and the term “woke” have been used to ridicule those of us on the left side. And while it’s certainly possible to criticize the way identity can and sometimes is militarized, it doesn’t erase that the other side also works around identity politics. They want to define the identity of marriage. They call their version “traditional” because it is their traditions. It doesn’t help that whenever a pushback occurs against their ideology, they are allowed to speak around the subject.

For example, Bill Abbott, who runs GAF and is another Hallmark expat, said about same-sex couples, according to PEOPLE“It’s definitely 2022, so we’re aware of the trends. There’s no whiteboard that says ‘Yes, that’ or ‘No, we’ll never go here.’ you to the right of homosexuals to marry?always edifying that there should be a difference between “marriage” and “civil unions”.

Bure told the the wall street journal“My heart wants to tell stories that have more meaning, purpose and depth behind them. I knew the people behind Great American Family were Christians who love the Lord and wanted to promote religious programs and good family entertainment. When asked about Hallmark, she said it’s a “completely different network than where I started due to the change in leadership.”

They focus on Christmas and “those traditional holidays”, saying “you can’t do everything at once”. Abbott says “spiritual or religious content is largely underserved,” but we know he’s talking about Christianity. And that’s the problem. We should have a diversity of denominational content. There’s no reason why we can’t celebrate Christmas and “put Christ in it”. But let’s not go back to how Christianity has treated and used to oppress people. There is a fundamental lack (lol) of wanting to understand that if you are not a straight white Christian, you might have complex relationships with Christianity and the faith in general.

I don’t need a Christmas movie to get me into this, but to get the people behind the network to show at least some self-awareness. And if they don’t, to be honest about their policy and just say that LGBTQ and non-Christians don’t need to apply. When you treat diversity as a dirty word, you are saying that to Christians who are not white, not straight, and not cis. It’s their identity politics and the more we allow them to act like they’re the ‘norm’ and deviate from it, the more power and ability we give them to claim that everyone to their left is an extremist .

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