Why Online Grocery Shoppers Spend Much More Than In-Store Shoppers


One of the reasons for this sharp drop in activity could be the additional costs associated with online shopping. Not only do grocery delivery companies charge extra fees — like Instacart, which charges delivery fees starting at $3.99 and a 5% service fee — but they also have hidden expenses that consumers don’t. may not be aware, notes Healthline.

According to Supermarket News, the average online grocery shopper spends $594 per month on groceries, compared to $388 per month spent by in-store-only shoppers. Although more than 70% of online and in-store shoppers said saving money was a major factor in choosing a retailer, data showed that online shoppers tended to spend more – balancing savings in time and money – compared to in-store shoppers, who focused primarily on cost reduction.

Online shoppers, who shopped at 3.9 to 6.6 different stores each month, on average, compared to 3.2 stores for in-store shoppers, were also 10% more likely to have difficulty paying unexpected expenses and 6% more likely to reduce the size of meals to save money.

According to the Dunnhumby report, a likely reason for this correlation is that online shoppers were also more likely to have children, pets and busier lifestyles, leaving less time for shopping and shopping. balance a budget. However, as American families grapple with inflation, more and more shoppers can go back to the traditional shopping route to shave a few dollars off their monthly grocery bill.


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